Monday, January 8, 2007

1/7 Bout: CCRG vs. CRG

Last night in our 1st WFTDA bout, we hosted Carolina, currently ranked 7th in the nation and who also recently beat the 4th ranked team in the nation. We lost 74 to 145, but I still think we put on an impressive battle for a little 1-year-old Division 3 team taking on a 3-year-old Division 1 team!

It was a tough bout. CRG definitely took us off guard in the 1st period. We were reacting and playing their game rather than playing ours. By the second period, however, we rearranged our strategy and started holding off their jammers and helping ours.

We definitely learned a lot, and playing a team with so much more experience was a great opportunity to see just where you can get to in 3 years. The plays, the vertical blocking, the speed - it was fun.

I must say that my added activity level must be paying off, because there was no point in any one jam that I felt I couldn't keep up. And today, the day after, I'm not sore. A little fatigued, yes, but definitely not hurting.

Things I did differently:

1. Smart Water throughout the game. This was way better than Gatorade. The sugar in Gatorade gives me the mouth pukes. No mouth pukes with Smart Water but all the benefits of electrolytes.

2. I wore a ThermaCare heat wrap on my back. I wound up taking it off half-way through though, so I'm not sure if it did anything at all, but my back never hurt.

It was a great learning experience - I hope we can take a lot away from it and become even better from it!

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