Thursday, January 4, 2007

This Blog's Mission

I've decided to publish this blog as a testament to the excellence bigger ladies can bring to the sport of roller derby.

Although it's been said that "roller derby's the only sport where you wish you were a big girl," some people still believe that there is no such thing as "fit and fat" or even that girls with more girth could or should do well in any sport.

As a woman, I've become increasingly conscious of supporting other women and their many endeavors. Roller derby is no exception. We're a sisterhood and a very unique generation of women who have worked hard to help ourselves and each other succeed. The barriers women once faced, and still sometimes do, are non-existent in female skater-run roller derby organizations, yet the body-image barriers still exist.

I hope this blog will challenge your perception of women who don't fit into your subconscious idea of what a rollergirl (or any other woman) should be.

We're blockers, pivots, and even sometimes jammers. We can take a hit, give a hit, build up walls and tear them down. We're members of the largest DIY-type organizations taking root in the US (and other countries too) right now. We help each other excel by sharing stories and experiences that have worked well and not so well. We learn from our mistakes. We succeed. We're unexpected role models. And we come in all shapes and sizes.