Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How Healthy Are You?

I just took this survey on MSNBC.com called "How Healthy are You?"

My results? "B"

I scored "green" (on their apparent terror-alert scale of health) for EVERY question other than BMI and I got a "B". Bullshit.

My good cholesterol's up, my bad cholesteral's low, and the rest of my bloodwork is PERFECTION. So, I'm obese according to BMI. SFW?

BMI does NOT account for muscle. Granted, I'm not large because I'm ripped, although I do believe I am ripped under this layer of fat. I have a super-high resting metabolism, which proves my high muscle mass. BMI, like the government food pyramid, is bullshit IMO. True, it works for MOST people, the ones who never exercise and who are "normal."

This brings me to an ad I saw yesterday for a razor. Have you ever eaten a chicken wing that was nothing but fat? It's kinda like that:

There was a woman on the beach in a purple bikini with the skinniest damn legs I've ever seen. My 1st thought? Ew. Why? She had absolutely no visible muscle, which can only lead me to believe she's one of those "my job requires it, so I just don't eat" kind of girls. Even if she did exercise, she probably couldn't build muscle because she doesn't eat enough. And when she loses weight? Well, it's probably muscle mass. I bet her body fat percentage is in the 40% range.

Which brings us FULL FUCKING CIRCLE to my original point that BMI is bullshit. Body fat percentage (BFP) is probably a lot more acurate! Now, my BFP hovers around 40%. That's proabably accurate. But, if someone were to look at my BMI, they might assume my BFP is more like 50-60%. My man is a fucking Ironworker who is RIPPED and does physical labor all day (he has a belly though). His is 30%. Why am I sharing this? I dunno. Maybe because whenever I meet a new doctor he or she is shocked as to my BMI and wonders why my bloodwork doesn't match. Then, over time, he or she gets to know me and realizes I do eat better than 90% of the population, and I exercise like a maniac (5-6 days/week, sometimes twice a day). Then they say, "Maybe this is just the weight your body is predispositioned to (wants to be)." Well, I fail to believe that either, but that's another rant.

The point, again, is that you CAN be fit and fat, and FUCK MSNBC.com for jumping on the "health" media bandwagon by publishing a test that is flawed in so many ways.

Only your doctor can tell you how healthy you are.

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Reversethinspo said...

I totally agree about being fit and "fat." My mother has always been overweight by most normal standards, but she can do a lot of things that my skinny dad can't do -- water-ski, learn to roller-blade (in her 50's), kick my dad's ass in tennis every single time they play. She also had good cholesterol levels and normal blood pressure (unlike my skinny dad), up until she started taking replacement hormones. Then her blood pressure and triglycerides started shooting up. I don't know if there's a correlation, but she's since stopped the hormones, and her blood pressure and triglycerides haven't returned to normal, aside from her using medication now. She still beats my dad at tennis though!