Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cindy Lop-her? "Present!"

The holidays are a stressful time for just about everyone, but even moreso for a rollergirl. With the general holiday preparations, the buying of food and gifts, the sick that many of us get from being trapped in an office building w/less than adequate ventilation this time of year, and with regular derby business it's tough making the practices you desperately need to attend to keep the pumpkin pie bulge and mashed potato sluggishness at bay.

My league is currently in a relaxed attendance policy for November and December, but I have to admit - it's even hard to make the relaxed attendance policy. I know it's important to stay active (ESPECIALLY this time of year), so how can I better prepare myself to stay healthy and make regular practices? Here are my goals:

1. Plan holiday errands (and all errands) in advance. Planning to stop by the grocery store on the way home from work on a non-derby day is way less stressful than waiting until the last minute to go get something you need, rushing to get it, and then missing practice beacause of it.
2. Wash hands, Zicam, repeat. No brainer here, yet I still seem to catch every damn cold that enters my office building. I need to remember to wash before I eat lunch and use Zicam at the 1st sign of a cold. Skating while sick sucks and can make a viral infection worse if your activity level is intense. I need to avoid the sick!
3. Don't throw the diet out the window. Thanksgiving usually begins the "what the hell?" attitude toward food for me that lasts clear through New Years. Not this year. I need to stick to my healthy eating plan, which for me, includes sticking to a calorie count of 1,500-1,800, eliminating sugar, eating regularly throughout the day, not eating after practice, and drinking lots of water.
4. Keep up with supplemental exercise. I must hit the gym 2 times a week, I must hit the gym 2 times a week,I must hit the gym 2 times a week.
5. GO TO PRACTICE! Just do it. I must.

What are your goals for this holiday season?

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Megan said...

I like gravy especially over a heaping hot meal of "spaghetti dinner panties".