Monday, November 26, 2007

New and Improved!

Isn’t it nice to get a new car? A new dress? A new pair of skates? There’s just something about having something new that makes you feel better about yourself when you’re using it.

When I was a kid I had quite a few of my birthday parties at the skating rink, and each year my mom would make me a new “skating skirt” – you know, the kind of skirt that goes completely perpendicular when you spin? I don’t remember if my mom made me wear bloomers or shorts underneath. I certainly hope she did, because I always had a habit of making those skirts fly up… and showing off my underwear!

I was unstoppable on the rink when I had on my new skating skirt – fearless. I would join every race that was announced that I could wiggle my way into. I daringly sprinted at full throttle, no worries about falling or rink rash or my underpants showing. Like Dumbo and his magic feather, I was completely fearless w/the new skirt on.

Then, I got a little older and I traded in that annual skating skirt for a pair of 20-eye Dr. Martin’s. I remember walking from 1st Period Latin class to 2nd Period English feeling like I was the shit with those shoes on. “I like your boots,” I would hear from my friends in the hallway. Yeah, I liked them too. They gave me a confidence boost. I could do anything with those boots on.

Older still, the boots turned into a purse, clothing, makeup, or car. So, what is it about having something new that makes feel so, well, improved? Somehow these material items (that actually become no longer new quite quickly) have a way of making us feel proud, confident, and unstoppable.

I just got a new pair of skates that took me almost a year to build: Riedell 1000s with DynaPro Aluminum plates (and my standard blue Witchdoctors). Last Monday was the 1st time I skated on them. I showed up to practice ½ hour early, and I fumbled as I was trying to put them on, I was so excited. They were awesome. So smooth, so perfectly hugging my foot… I completed 2 snake drills that night – and they were LONG. But was it really the skates? OK, 10% was the skates (my old vinyl plates were warped beyond belief), but the other 90% was the confidence I had that night. And that came from somewhere in me – not the cowhide and rubber strapped to my feet.

I really like getting new things, but I think I need to remember that that feeling I associate with the new items really isn’t something that can be bought. I must have had it somewhere inside myself all along. If I can remember to harness that feeling when I need it, then maybe I can use it when I need it. And then, maybe I won’t buy so many pairs of shoes… OK, I’ll never stop with the shoes!


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog, and I was so excited about it, I started reading from the beginning. In this post, you mention skating skirts. Do you have any suggestions where a "big girl" can get a skating skirt? We're talking probably 2x. Right now I'm wearing the skirt part of a skirtini bathing suit :)

Cindy Lop-her said...

Hey! Glad you like the blog. I tried commenting on your blog but am not a LJ user :(

I wo't lie, skirts are HARD. I think we have to be inventive. I just searched torrid ( and saw some cute one with pleats! I've also been known to wear tennis skirts (from a sporting goods place) and occasionally skirts from Target (when they have them). Summer is coming, and I always find good swim coverups that are skirts at discount stores (Marshall's, TJ Max).

Lately, however, I'm more into the booty shorts, and I've actually converted (and by that I mean done noting to but pretended they weren't underwear) panties from Torrid into booty shorts (gold and silver lame). I'm wearing tights under them, so who cares?

Good luck! If you find someplace awesome that does skirts, let me know!