Wednesday, November 7, 2007

TOO MUCH BOOTY IN THE PANTS: "I'll take those booty shorts in a 2XL..."

I often think about what I'm going to wear for derby - it's actually a real fun part of being a rollergirl.

At RollerCon this past year I participated in 2 Freemont Street scrimages that allowed me to use my creativity for uniform design: Tits vs. Ass (Tits) and Elvises vs. Showgirls (Elvis). For team Tits our guidelines were black corsets and red bottoms, and for team Elvis, well, you get it - dress like Elvis! The Tits uniform was highly uncomfortable and detrimental to skating, but we looked hot. Isn't that what counts? Well, I'd say breathing counts more, and none of us could do that strapped into the corsets! I paired my corset w/a red tutu, and idea my CCRG teammate, Mibbs Breakin' Ribs had, for our uniforms. I spent weeks working on my Elvis costume to play for 20 minutes. Fashion is a sick obsession.

In the day-to-day, so many people ask me, "Where did you get that skirt/shorts/top?" My most frequented derby practice attire shopping spot is the clearance rack at Target. I got a pair of booty shorts there last week for $2.48 - I could actually pay cash for them, something I can never do!

But what about the cute and functional shit? It takes a bit of searching, but you can find fun stuff on-line that will fit you! Here's some of my favorite links:

Pettipants (rufflebutts) up to 2XL & special order sizing:

BEST SPORTS BRA EVER MADE (I wear 38F, and these fuckers go up 6-7 sizes higher than I need. Plus, the girls NEVER move!):

Big-ass fishnets:

Site for my new favorite book, Generation T (a guide to turning boxy mens T shirts into super-cute woman-curve-hugging tops):

Do you have great links for big derby clothes? Post here in a comment!

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