Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sometimes You Feel Like #2, Sometimes You Don't

After a very fun evening of roller derby practice last night I should be in a good place, but instead I’m sitting in my office wondering when the pain will go away. Surprisingly, the pain has nothing to do with a derby injury, but instead it has everything to do with a very painful ovarian cyst that has been causing me recurring problems, including a severe dull pain on my left side that is somehow connected to my sciatic nerve, thus sending shooting sharp pain down my ass, and sometimes my leg.

I finally made the connection between the sciatica and the cyst today (although, I’ve contemplated it for a while). Whenever I get my period, the cyst and my left side hurt and the sciatica gets way worse. I feel like I’m constantly falling apart – having to go to the doctor for this or that. I swallowed my pride though, and have a GYN appt tomorrow. It really sucks having something like this, that you have no control over, rule how you feel all the time. Alas, I will now follow the orders on my dog’s favorite tee shirt – “No Whining” (although last time he wore it he peed all over it, and I’m kind of feeling similar sentiments about whining now).

As for last night, I got “stuck” playing Pivot twice in a row (I usually play Blocker 2 – outside blocker). I’ve never wanted to play Pivot because of the helmet panties – they keep air from flowing freely through your helmet vents, and my head sweats like James Gandolfini in a sauna with his lawyer and the self-proclaimed “biggest fan” he attacked yesterday (okay, I can’t give up TMZ.com quite yet…). And I can’t concentrate when I’m that hot.

Somehow I managed to get past the panties last night, and I actually pivoted pretty well! One of my home team captains was in my second jam as Pivot with me and asked me afterwards if I’ve ever considered playing Pivot more frequently.

“No,” I said, “But after that, I think I may want to.”

After all, regardless of my position in the pack, I’m always running my mouth and telling my teammates where to go – Drop back! Get up here! Behind you! And that’s part of what a pivot’s suppose to do. I wonder if they make mesh panties (Ick! Immediate thoughts of Borat’s mesh tighty-whiteys after typing that!)? I think I can get over the excess head sweat for a position I’m actually intrigued about.

This Friday at 7pm I’m captaining Team PBR, an expo team that will be bouting another CCRG expo team at Saint Francis Academy in Baltimore (E. Chase St.). If you’re in the area, come by and watch us poison the minds of schoolchildren whilst wearing PBR tees (kidding, they hand out beer in the cafeteria! [double kidding, their coach said the tees were fine]). You may even get to see my play Pivot and sweat in my panties. And for the record, that would be both sets of panties!

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Megan said...

I tell you how much I love reading your blog and you alienate me with the overuse of the word 'p**nties....Seeeck!