Monday, January 21, 2008

What's Next?

I remember a time when my coworkers were appalled that they had to pay a monthly fee to park at the lot adjacent to our office building. Sure, the corporate lemmings tried to make us feel better about it by letting us know that it would be deducted from our pay “pretax,” so we would actually be saving money, but really, paying to attend work? We’re all pretty use to that now – at least in Baltimore, where parking lots and garages abound, while almost no company has their own employee lot. Fine, I’ve accepted that many people pay to park where they work, but what’s next?

It’s always cold in my office and especially so on Mondays. In order to save money, the building management doesn’t turn the heat on until 6am on Mondays (it’s off all day Saturday and Sunday). I knew it was going to be cold today, so I put on a thermal shirt under my turtleneck and leggings under my pants. When I came in at 8:30am the office manager was wearing her winter coat, hat, and gloves. When my boss came in at 9:30am she wrapped herself in her scarf and a blanket and has kept them on ever since. Me? I had my space heater plugged in and sitting right next to my leg, and I drank about 3 cups of hot tea just trying to get warm. Then, around 11:00am, my power goes out.

Building management was called, and I come back from the bathroom to find the building manager and owner of my company in my office. The manager asks if this is my office. I say yes.

“See this here? This space heater?” he says to the owner, “She can’t have this in here. It trips the circuit.”

“Can you rearrange your office furniture to maximize the heat from the heater and no longer use the space heater?” I’m asked.

“Fine. Will do.”

What else could I say?

Finally the power comes back on, and I’m now in the middle of moving a desk and a lateral filing cabinet. You’d think that would warm me up, but no. It’s now 1:45pm, and I swear to god, it’s still only 45 degrees in here. I’m sitting here with a blanket wrapped around me, and I’m still cold. Granted, I should be thankful I’m inside, because my boyfriend is an Ironworker and has had to be outside in 17 degrees all day today, but then again, I didn’t choose an outside profession.

This has gotten me thinking. Building management is so freaking cheap that I wouldn’t put it past them to start charging us for utilities, and you know that would trickle down into my paycheck – pretax, albeit. WTF?

I’m just so mad that I’m still sitting here freezing. Today’s blog was going to about my first time announcing at last night’s bout against Dallas. I suppose it will have to wait till tomorrow.

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