Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Z-List Celebrity Status

Last night I was in Giant doing some after-work grocery shopping when I thought I heard my name: Cindy Lop-her.

“OMG, I have a fan,” I thought, which was immediately followed by, “What the hell am I thinking? I’m hearing what I want to hear. No one knows who I am, especially no one in this neighborhood. Stop being so self centered.” I was embarrassed that I thought someone actually recognized me. Lame. Then, following this internal diatribe, I hear the following exchange:

“That IS her. I told you!”


“That’s Cindy Lop-her – I know it is!”

By this time the exchange is really loud. I’m in the center of an aisle, and these people are outside the aisle by the meat.

“Why don’t you go up and introduce yourself to her?”

“Because I don’t want her to think I’m crazy! That’s her! That’s her!”

At this point, I was extremely uncomfortable. I think I would have been okay if someone had just tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was Cindy Lop-her. Instead, this couple was having a very loud argument in front of the meat, and I had gotten what I needed from that aisle, my cart directed away from them. I panicked. I had not let on during the very brief but loud discussion that I knew they were talking about me, so I continued shopping – flustered as hell.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been recognized outside the rink or a derby event. I’ve had people come up to me at the lake, the gym, and at parties or bars. I just never thought the grocery store.

So, here’s the part where I reveal another embarrassing guilty pleasure of mine that I’m now rethinking after last night: reading gossip columns. That’s right. As an editor by day, I read for practically 8 hours, so when I get home, I usually don’t want to pick up a book. Instead, I’ll go to one of my favorite celebrity websites:,, or And if I’m home early enough, I’ll watch TMZ followed by E! News and The Daily 10. I’m straight up addicted. I follow Lindsay Lohan’s “Legging Watch 2008,” Gummi Bear, and all the Britney drama. I’m the reason why celebrities have no privacy.

It’s easy to hide behind my computer or TV screen, and it’s not like my encounter last night was IN ANY WAY bad or threatening or unwanted. In fact, I’m totally cool with strangers coming up to me and talking about Cindy Lop-her, because it means they like and are interested in derby, and ultimately, it’s the fans that will determine derby’s longevity. But, if my overhearing this couple’s argument made me forget half the items on my list that was right in front of me, then I can only imagine what 20 paparazzi following you down the street, from your car to the store, can do to you.

I use to think that celebrities “asked for it,” but how different is that from someone saying or thinking that a woman was asking to be raped because of what she was wearing? Celebrities can change jobs (to a normal profession) just like a woman could put on a parka and leggings (!), but what’s the point? It’s a free country, and I think I should respect celebrities just as much as I do my coworkers, friends, and anyone else I see on the street. It’s gonna be hard to kick this gossip column addiction, but I’m willing to give it a try.

As for Cindy Lop-her, she'll be sure to keep a Sharpie on hand at all times for autographs.


Coach said...

Enjoy being a celebrity!
Just watch out for stalkers!
It's okay to be famous!
Remember, there are some little girls out there that will be looking up to you saying that one day they want to be you!
Think about it!

Coach Owens
Hope to have the pleasure of meeting you at Saint Frances Academy Exhibition.

Anonymous said...

I just knew you were going to make fun of my parka and leggings.


Megan said...

Did you hear about Heath Ledger???

Anonymous said...

im happy im not the only one obsessed with i too feel wierd gawking at theese peoples misfortune, i wouldnt look to hot if i were being photographed all day.