Friday, February 22, 2008


I'm happy to kick off the first installment of the CAMPAIGN FOR REAL BOOTY by presenting you with a bad-ass booty shot of one of the fiercest women in derby. In 2006, she cleaned house and won four Wheelies presented to her by her league. Taking home the awards for Best Dance Moves, Most Dedicated Player, Blocker of the Year, and 2006 MVP, I give you SERVIN' JUSTICE, 02, from the Brewcity Bruisers!

Justice (left) is posing here with The Other White Meat, also of Brewcity (mmm, meaty...).

As Justice put it when she submitted this photo, "I am notorious for my big ass, I am also called 'Just Ass' instead of Justice, and right fully so. It's big, powerful and beautiful! I flaunt it on and off the track. My man was recently caught staring at it and bragging with the words, 'That is mine...' He's so sweet. "

Servin' Justice is also a member of The Crazy 8s, the Brewcity Bruisers team 2007 Champions. Stay tuned to find out if she takes part in the about-to-be-selected Brewcity travel team. Something tells me she'll pass the ASSessment... Big derby girls RULE!

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