Thursday, February 21, 2008


Although you’ll likely never hear one rollergirl call another “fat” or refer to her buddy’s body in a derogatory manner, personal judgments and preconceived notions still abound regarding the larger derby girl.

It’s not just the skaters themselves who may rush to judgment, but the derby fans and the photogs as well. Open the newspaper to a derby article, and it’s likely going to be the slim jammer who’s gracing the page. I have nothing against slim jammers, but you all know what this blog is about. I got a lot of feedback about the ham/brick house photo doctoring, and although you all can take a joke, it seems you’d rather not, which is cool with me too. That’s why I decided to implement the Campaign for Real Booty, which begins tomorrow and will run each Friday.

The Campaign for Real Booty will be a celebration of the larger physique. Think for a second about women in the derby community that you look up to – hopefully many of them will be featured here. So, spread the word. Let’s be proud of what lies behind a powerful J-block, an impenetrable booty block, and an amazing whip.

If you would like to be featured one Friday, please send your pix and a short bio to me. If there is someone you’d like to see featured here, please send me that person’s name and e-mail address.

I’m looking forward to showcasing some amazing women!


Cindy Lop-her


reet said...

does pregnant, on maternity leave from derby, big booty count? ;)

Stephanie said...

I nominate Pixie Rocket! She is my positive body image idol. She looked so awesome a few weeks ago wearing that red, sparkly, one-shouldered shirt which showed off a slim waist that transitioned to ample bootylicious-ness. I <3 her.

B-17 said...

This is such a great idea. You totally win at the Internet.

I want to do a derby version of The BMI Project, and have wanted to ever since I went to a doctor for overexercise-induced tendon damage in my knees and the idiot doctor agreed it was overexercise-induced, and then told me I needed to exercise more so I could lose weight because I was "dangerously obese" at a BMI of 29.
Meanwhile, I'll go email you a picture of my booty because I think this is so rad.

Anonymous said...

Ive always been a great fan of big girls, and have been the lead medic for the Dallas Derby Devils since they started in 2004. The new Roller Derby has gone a long way for making women feel better in lots of ways, and this site is definitely helping with that. You are doing a great thing here and I wish you lots more success with it!
There are a lot of entertaining attributes in Derby Girls. Number one being they're DERBY GIRLS!
Thanks again,
Rebel With All The Gauze, #911