Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dusk is Here (and he's already lucky)!

Dusk Bugayong has arrived!

The new son of Greg and Sunny is 7lb 7oz, born today, 2/7, and their room number also ends w/2 7s, so I'm ventureing a guess that he's gonna be one lucky boy!

Mom and baby are going well. Eden is SO HAPPY to be a big sister - she cannot stop kissing her new brother.

Dusk was almost born in the car - mom was only in labor 35 minutes, and his head was partially out when they arrived at the hospital. She gave 2 pushes, and now he's here :)

More to come soon.




Anonymous said...


Megan said...

Give mom and baby my love!!!

Anonymous said...

That was fast!!


Anonymous said...

freakin adorable. we could host a speed birthing seminar!


Anonymous said...

oh, he is teh cutest!

thanks for posting pix.

reet said...

whoa....35 minutes! that's scurry! he's so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy, if you still have these photos, will you email them to me please? Thanks!
-Buzz Kill