Friday, March 7, 2008


Today I give you someone who, to me, is borderline on the “big ass” – she actually seems to have the ass most girls (derby and non-derby alike) would like to have, but it is real, and nonetheless, it is bad as hell. Today I give you, Badd Mudda Trucka, #96Beers, from Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls (again with you Midwesterners)!

Following their 2007 season, Mudd was voted Best Jammer, Rookie of the Year, and Crowd favorite Jammer. Her bio indicates that “as a kid, Lil'Mudd played with toy trucks, and she loved to go to monster truck rallies with her daddy, or go boony crahing in the bayou of Mississippi. It was inevitable that Mudd would learn to drive and her first job was driving a 2-ton trash truck.” She certainly didn’t get the double-sided ass bruises from sittin in the cab of a truck, however – ouch!

As Mudd said in her entry, “The best thing that every happened to me was hearing the home crowd chant ‘MUDD MUDD MUDD MUDD...’ One of the announcers named the panty flash my "signature butt move" and another said, "Everyone should have a signature butt move." I couldn't help but crack-up while I was jamming. “

Indeed, EVERYONE should have a signature butt move! I think mine is just shaking it at the starting line – I’m going to have to work on that. I digress…

The last pic shows Mudd smacking her derby wife’s lovely ass – now THAT’s a real booty!!! Who is this woman? My apologies for not getting her name prior to this post. If anyone knows her name, let me know, and also tell her I said, “Nice ass!”

Mudd will be representing her league at Philly's East Coast Extravaganza June 21-22, 2008 - if you've yet to see her, look for her there! (And grab her wife's ass)


Anonymous said...

do you think she will marry me?

Anonymous said...

Margles McNasty is her name!

Midlife Crashes said...

the reason you keep getting midwest ass is 'cause we play hard and eat well! and everything is really far apart so you gotta drive a LOT, sitting on, you guessed it! :)