Friday, March 28, 2008


For this week’s Real Booty we travel back to the US to the west coast. Not only does the owner of today’s booty have a nice (and sassy) one, but also she’s one dedicated woman. Head Referee and Sponsorship Director for Angel City Derby Girls, BEE A. FRAYED!!!

Bee is sassy, and she likes to showcase her booty to the audience, “I love to flip my skirt up when I skate out or in the slow moments, and when I do you see ‘bee a frayed’ on my jersey and ‘bee very afrayed’ on my behind (or as I like to say… My bee-hind!).”

I first met Bee at RollerCon 2006 when a handful of us met up outside the confines of the Con at an overpriced diner on Freemont Street to talk about managing Treasury and Sponsorship for our leagues – sometimes daunting tasks that both Bee and I were managing at this time. The following summer, this initial meeting transformed into formal Sponsorship and Treasury/Finance sessions at RollerCon 2007, and you will find them available again at RollerCon 2008.

My kudos to Bee for not only giving real bootys a good name, but also for being one of those great, influential derby women who care so much for the sport that they go above and beyond. Bee has played a part in helping newer smaller leagues establish themselves, if only through sharing all her tips at that diner back in 06. This is the spirit of derby: sisterhood, and Bee’s got it!

You can catch Angel City competing next at The Big One, California Women’s Flat-Track Derby Championship 4/5-6 in Davis, CA.

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