Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pre-Bout Heart Attack: The Sandwich (and Fish Tacos)

I’ve been obsessing over food for the past few days, and that obsession is entirely due to PMS. So, as I was sitting here about to type today’s entry, I wondered how I could manage to slip in the very yummy fish taco recipe I made last night for dinner, and then (BAM!) it hit me. Today’s entry will be about derby food – mainly, what I eat before a bout. But since I’ve lead you all on about the fish tacos, I will relive my exquisite fish taco dining experience as well.

What I eat… I think I must first tell you I’m neurotic when it comes to food. What? You knew that already? Could have guessed? Well, I’ve had varied success (mainly little-to-none) with various “diets” over the years; I’ve been kicked out of Weight Watchers on three separate occasions for gaining weight, and my nutritionist ditched me last year, because even after blood work, medical testing, and trying just about all combinations of calories, she too was unable to help me (gasp!) lose weight.

I gasped there, because it’s a conundrum writing this blog and admittedly trying to lose weight at the same time. But, as I was telling a friend last weekend, when I say I want to be “thin,” I don’t actually mean “thin” as in “conventional thin” – I want to be my image of thin, which is still considered “fat” to most people. I want an ass and thick legs, but yes, I do want to lose some poundage, which will make me more agile on the rink, and it will be easier to shop for clothes. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, and I’m certainly not shunning my body type as it is now, because if you ask my boyfriend, J, he will tell you that I strut around the house a lot wearing ass-hugging jeans and repeatedly asking him (or telling him), “my ass looks hot!” and it’s a size 16/18.

Back to the food. If I don’t watch what I eat, I will gain and gain, so what I have found works for me is eating very little carbs (about 40g a day) and processed/prepackaged food. This is not right for everyone. Trust me, I wish I was the type of person who could lose weight or even just maintain by doing strictly calorie counting, but I cannot – I’m severely carbohydrate sensitive. I’ve come to accept this fact, so this is the reasoning behind the high protein/fat recipes I’m going to be sharing (plus, really, fat tastes good).

The day of a bout I eat one meal, which consists of a grotesque sandwich that supplies me with protein and fat, both of which keep me full until after the bout (if I eat too close to a bout I will get the mouth pukes, so I eat this about 5 hours pre-bout). Here are the sandwich components:

2 slices Healthy Life wheat bread, toasted
3oz ham lunchmeat
1 slice white American Cheese
1 egg fried in butter
1 tbsp mayo
1 tsp catsup
(optional: tomato and lettuce)

I’ve been known to substitute out the ham for a steak-um, and that is delicious as well – it’s like a cheese steak with a fried egg on it – holy moly is that good?! Sometimes I even eat two.

Now for the fish tacos. I became obsessed with fish tacos after a trip to San Diego 3 years ago. Although we have some very authentic Mexican food in Baltimore (owned and operated by Mexicans), I have yet to find a place that serves fish tacos! So, after 3 years of dreaming about fish tacos, I decided I would make my own. Really, I don’t know why it took me 3 years to think of it. So, I made the fish tacos last night, and they were delicious! Here’s the recipe:

Mission Carb Conscious tortillas
Flounder, sliced thin
Egg “wash”
Sour cream
Diced tomatos
Salsa verde
Mexican-blend shredded cheese

Beat the egg like you’re making scrambled eggs. Dip the fish in the egg and then coat the fish lightly with the flour. Preheat skillet with 1tbsp butter, add fish, and fry.

Chop lettuce and tomato, and prepare a tortilla with all of the above ingredients!

Man, I love food!


meghan gramcracker said...

Diets totally work - to make you fat!

Anonymous said...

omg- we just made the most delicious fish tacos last night...

there's a Tortilleria on Eastern Avenue, just east of Broadway that has had tacos forever, but *just* a few weeks ago started making fish tacos.

they are fricken delicious. i think they're $2.50 a piece, plus .25 cents extra fro the guaca.

-pixie r.

Anonymous said...

seriously. i'm now addicted to putting a fried egg on practically everything. blt, burgers...

it's so damn good.

- mya