Thursday, April 3, 2008


Wow, once I came home and read the labels attached to today’s original post, I realized I had to replace it: boobs, bored, Greg Dulli, size 14, South Beach. I mean, just from that list. Can you only imagine what the blog was about?

Greg Dulli was bored, so he decided to get some fake boobs, and became a size 14 tranny lounge singer in South Beach, or;

When I was in South Beach, I didn’t do much; I saw a lot of boobs, got bored on the beach, and listened to Greg Dulli all weekend in my new size 14 jeans, or my personal favorite:

“I’m over it,” said Greg Dulli, “South Beach sucks. Yeah, there’s a lot of fake boobs to look at, but they make me bored. Give me a girl with real booty in size 14 jeans any day.”

I’ve been so overworked lately that I think my brain is leaking out of my ear. It all started with my boss’ going away that made me have to prove something to myself by completing every piece of work that was given to me before she left. And I’ve been doing a lot of WFTDA work in the evenings this week too (I have a call at 8pm EST tonight, which is why I’m on here now).

I can’t believe I posted a boob picture earlier today. Well, it’s not like they weren’t covered (or like you can’t see similar images on flickr or myspace). Just this weekend my friend showed me a camera-phone picture of these girls she knew who took a topless picture of themselves together and sent it to her (?!).

We were on our way to David’s Bridal to try on bridesmaid dresses when we passed the phone around to check out their tits – one of them had a full chest piece with only her nipples un-inked. I must admit it was kind of cool – I love good tattoos, and this appeared to be one (it was a camera-phone pic), a colorful one at least.

In any event – the pic posted earlier today was posted out of complete writers block. Yes, two nights ago I bought a pair of Jeans from Old Navy that were size 14, yes, I currently cannot stop listening to either The Gutter Twins or Twilight Singers and have had to put a self-imposed 1-week embargo on my listening to them before I O.D. and can never listen to them again, and yes, I ate a South Beach meal bar for breakfast this morning and had to shut the door of my office most of the morning, so I could blow it up with the chemically-induced gas I got from the sugar alcohols in the breakfast bar (and I ate one two days ago and it had the exact same effect on me, so why the fuck did I eat one again today?).

The picture? It’s on my MySpace page if you really want to see it. And I highly suggest that you do, because Steak Knife has some amazing tits.


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