Thursday, April 17, 2008


Friday is here, and that means it’s time for our special edition of the Campaign for Real Booty – this week we’re celebrating Civilian Booty!!!

What is Civilian Booty, you ask? Why, it’s non roller girl booty (okay, we did sneak some in there) that celebrates the strong bottoms of our off-skates sisters.

I must say that I’m very impressed by the booty presented today, and even more so by the women behind all that ass. So, let’s give a big bootylicious welcome to the ladies of Week 9!!!

I’d like to begin with some booty straight from San Diego, California – Zakiya!!!

Much like the wonderful weather in San Diego, Zakiya has an ass to match: it’s enjoyed year-round, and it’s hardly ever wet! Kidding aside (you know, because it NEVER rains in San Diego… Okay, bad joke), this is an ass that I love! And I love the person attached to the ass too. Thanks for submitting, Z!

I now present you with a woman who was prepared to jump into the Campaign at Week 3 when I was having a hard time soliciting the east-coast ass, even though she’s not a roller girl: Chrissy!!!

ChrissyChrissy BangBang, 29, of Charm City, is an optician on a mission to prove that you don't have to be supermodel skinny to have a bodacious behind. She loves good times with good friends and family, and of course her two dogs. As she says, "[I'm] proud to be a real woman with real flaws and a real body, [I am] self confident and damn fine!" Yes, you are! Thanks, Chrissy!

Next, I have submissions from two women who are participating in quickly-approaching fundraising events, and I think that’s awesome.

The first entrant will be putting her booty to work this May to ride her bike 140 miles over 2 days for Moveable Feast in the Ride for the Feast - Lisa!

Moveable Feast is a nutritional support program that prepares and delivers meals and groceries at no charge to people and their families throughout greater Baltimore and Maryland’s Eastern Shore who are in need and living with HIV/AIDS and other life-challenging conditions. The ride will take place May 17th-18th, and you can make a donation on behalf of Lisa and her hard-working booty by clicking here. Thanks, Lisa! Here’s to you doubling your donation goal!

Our second entry under Volunteer Booty will be participating in the annual SPCA March for the Animals this Sunday with her beautiful dog, Ginger – I give you, Tami!

Tami says, “This is not roller derby booty - this is what I like to call mater and tater booty. I was not raised on a farm by any means, but my grandmother and great grandmother were farm girls. I know this is where this booty and my farm girl legs came from.”

Tami goes on to say, “Don't get me wrong I do know my way around a roller rink. In 1980 I skated in a marathon for 12 hours straight just to win a $150.00 pair of Chicago skates… When I wasn't at Skate land you could find me racing dirt bikes… I now have a husband that is my best friend, and we have been married for 9 years. His pet name for my booty is Sweetcheeks.” Thanks, Tami!

Our next entrant is a woman after my own heart – she shatters the notion that skinny = fit. This woman is a yoga instructor at Charm City Yoga, and let’s face it, some of those (okay, most of those) yoga positions are HARD. Let’s hear it for Tanya!

Nice [tail] downward dog. Of note, Tanya is also the Volunteer Coordinator the Ride for the Feast. Go, Tanya!

Last but not least (I promised you some snuck-in roller girl booty, didn’t I?!), this booty could be classified as retired-roller girl booty, bloody booty, or best-friend booty. I give you the booty of someone you’ve heard me talk a lot about on here, Ms. Betty Beatdown!

Betty left CCRG after last season to focus on grad school, which is an acceptable reason to retire, if you ask me. This “bloody booty” shot was taken last summer after our league skated at VirginFest… on sloped blacktop filled with gravel. Yikes, that hurt!

In case you were wondering, don’t ever injure yourself at an outdoor concert like that. Yes, there are several First Aid stations and even a larger Nurse’s Tent, but because of insurance reasons they cannot actually do anything for you. Betty came away from the Tent with one packet of antibiotic ointment, and she was told to “find the bathroom and scrub it out as best as you can with a paper towel” before putting the ointment on herself. Although she left part of her ass at the festival that year, the whole of her ass will always have a special place in my heart.

Well, there you have it. I’d again like to thank all the women who submitted photos for this week’s collage of Civilian Booty – you all rock! Thank you for rocking the ass out there in the real world - keep fighting the good fight, and rock those strong asses!

Next week the Campaign for Real Booty will return to its normal brand of booty with brand-spanking new roller girl ass!


Hooligal said...

Hawt asses non-derby ladies!

And all I can say to that last pic is: HOLY FUCKIN POPE SHIT!

chrissy said...

wow! awesome ladies! derby and non-derby..!

Tami said...

That was fun, now what can we post!

Anonymous said...

Nice Rash, Betty!
Wow, things are weird up in Charm City. I'm a paramedic down in Dallas-Fort Worth, and I'd get in more trouble for NOT treating that rash!
Besides, I'm the Lead Medic for the Dallas Derby Devils, and I always do my best to take care of my Derby Girls.
Thanks again for this blog, great fun!