Thursday, April 24, 2008


Welcome to Week 10 of the Campaign for Real Booty!!! It’s hard to believe a fleeting thought I had slightly over 10 weeks ago actually got off the ground and has been so well received, both within the derby community and outside it. CFRB is on fire, people!

I’m excited to return to the derby derriere this week, as I present to you a woman who is looking to take over the world… And she’s starting with Florida (with their voting machines – who knew?) – Domme E. Nation!!!

The President and Founder of the Broward County Derby Grrls, Ms. Nation, a self-proclaimed “life long big girl,” loves that she could join a sport where her size would be celebrated and not considered a hindrance.

We all have our favorite parts of derby – the need for speed, the crowd of fans, the smell that comes from our pads that hits us in the face when we so much as unzip our skate bags (okay, perhaps not the last one). For Domme E. Nation, it’s the simpler things that make her happy: “[I] love to show off [my] body and its incredible ability to effortlessly knock smaller gals on their ass.”

Domme says, “Along with other bigger derby girls, [I am] out to show the world that athleticism comes in every shape and size.” That’s what this is all about!

Through her booty blocks and hip checks, Ms. Nation is breaking stereotypes one big hit at a time.

You can check out Domme E. Nation May 18th at the Spring Fling, as the Beach Bruisers take on the Divas de las Muertas. Let’s hope the opposing team has some junk in their trunks as well, because if they don’t, I have a feeling they may just get their clocks cleaned, because – you guessed it – it’s time for DOMME E. NATION!!!

Keep submitting those booties, folks – there may be a cache, but I promise you we’ll get to the bottom of it!


Megan said...

I think there should be a 'campaign for no ass' and I could be the leader....if smitty were still with us he could be my vice president. Keep up the good work girls. I love my Friday dose of hot aysss!!

Hooligal said...

'its ability to knock smaller girls on their asses'
couldnt have said it better. <3

Anonymous said...

Meg: Piggy doesn't have an ass either -- he could be your VP!

I could be the grand prize winner for the Campaign for Unsightly Cellulite, which I will unveil in Vegas.