Thursday, April 3, 2008


Lucky number 7 ushers in an ass from overseas – the Campaign's global, baby! Today I give you Hooligal!!! Originally from Canada (Hammer City Roller Girls/June 2006 to January 2007), Hooligal is currently a blocker/pivot with the London Rockin Rollers (UK), and has been doing derby ever since she first saw Rollergirls on A&E.

“My ass is my biggest weapon, and many a jammer has been stuck behind my booty block of doom,” Hooligal says. “I'm also a total tease and will wiggle my butt at you in taunt. I have considered getting 'Wide Load' on my pants but ‘Stay Down’ is sort of my thing.”

On the topic of her booty, Hooligal says, “It’s great, because being a big girl I never really fit in with normal sports with their fit athletes, etc. But in derby, my size is my asset!”

And a lovely ASSet it is! (P.S. Many fit athletes also happen to be big girls too!)

“I love the idea [of The Campaign for Real Booty] and think I'm perfect for it! I'm definetly an ass girl!”

Currently back in Canada to apply for a visa, Hooligirl is helping a new league form and working to spreading derby world wide via her blog, Inter Derby, where she reports on international roller derby happenings.

“My blog is a great place to stop to see just how much is going on outside America, where derby is a completely new sport (the old derby never really made it across the seas).”

I had no clue! Stop by and check out Hooligal's blog - I know I will.

Three cheers for real booty! Hip-hip HOORAY! Hip-hip HOORAY! Hip-hip HOORAY!

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