Thursday, April 10, 2008

Coming Together

It’s Thursday, and my car’s still broken down. When something like this happens, I’m usually a total freak about it, but for some reason I’ve remained incredibly calm these past few days.

As you may know, I can’t handle when things are beyond my control, because I want to be in control at all times (con-trol freak!). I make myself sick with worry. I become all consumed with the problem, speculating about what it could be and how much money (that I don’t have) it’s going to cost to fix it. I’m impatient. I’m obsessive. I’m neurotic.

But this week has been different. I thought I was only going to need a ride into work on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I had secured a ride for those two days, but as it turned out, I need rides for the rest of this week. I was totally prepared to brave Baltimore city public transportation and the 2 hours it would take me to get the 9 miles to my office (even if I may be beaten to death by a 14-year old while riding the bus). But, to my surprise, my friend at work (who reads this blog) sent me an e-mail yesterday as I was researching bus schedules and offered to give me a ride today. Now, I may be better about being calm in situations like these, but I’m still proud as ever, which means I wouldn’t have asked anyone else to help me out by giving me a ride. It’s for this reason that I’m so very thankful for Tami and her kind offer to drive me to and from work today.

Knowing I didn’t have to get up before the crack of dawn to walk the mile to the bus stop and make the bus, I was feeling slightly relieved last night. “Things seem to be working out,” I thought to myself. Then my phone rang. It was my friend John, who had called out of the blue to tell me he saw me driving down Rt. 40 earlier in the afternoon.

“It wasn’t me,” I said.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yeah, my car is fucked, and has been sitting for 3 days, so it most certainly wasn’t me!”

John is a mechanic. And although John is my friend, I could never ask him to do me a favor, which is why I hadn’t talked to him since my car broke down (see “pride,” above). John, however, is the kind of guy who will do anything for a friend. He immediately offered to take me and my car to his shop on his day off, so we could get it running again.

What a bizarre coincidence. Why John thought he saw me, I’ll never know, but the universe has certainly found a way to take care of me and my poor broken-down car this week. Perhaps it’s divine intervention, perhaps it’s just having really great friends, I’m not sure, but even though I’ve had a really shitty week, I overwhelmingly feel like a very lucky woman.

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Hooligal said...

Thats some crazy shit! Maybe its karma giving some good payback ;)