Thursday, April 24, 2008


Well, today’s D-Day – IUD-Day to be exact. I’m having the bugger removed at 3pm, and I’d be lying if I said I was looking forward to it. I remember reading somewhere that the only thing more painful than having it inserted is having it removed. I was hoping not to have to face this day for at least another 6 years (they last a full 10), but alas, something is wrong with my female reproductive system (endometriosis, they think), and I must be put back on the pill to take away the insane pain and weird bleeding.

I’d like to think I toughed it out for as long as I could. I really liked having the IUD – I liked that it’s non-hormonal, I like that it cost $10 and could have lasted 10 years, and I like that my sex drive came back. I think I’m the most depressed about the latter. I really don’t want my sex drive to go away again, but I’m up against a wall here (which may or may not do anything for me in about a month).

In addition to everything else, I worry that my going back on the Pill will contribute to estrogen in the water supply – fish having both sets of sex organs, and other general repercussions.

I suppose I can’t think too hard on it or beat myself up over it, because if it is endometriosis and I let it go, I’ll be bleeding internally and building up scar tissue, which could cause even more severe health problems later on.

It will be nice to be generally pain-free and to be able to manipulate my fake period so I won’t be bleeding all week on my one vacation of the year (like I have for the last two years).

I’m prepared. I have a print out of all the Tier 1 generic birth control pills that my health insurance provider covers, and I have a stash of 4 (pretty lame) pain pills I saved from another incident to pop as soon as I’m back in the car and on my way home.

I’d really rather skate at the Lake tonight or show my old motorcycle I’m trying to sell on Craigslist, but what can you do? We just got the 5-disk Collector's Edition Blade Runner set in Blu-ray, which has the version that is truly the director’s cut, and not just the “Director’s Cut” that someone at the studio released, having nothing to do with the director’s intentions – money grubbing bastards. I’m excited to watch that as I writhe in pain.

Regardless of how this afternoon goes, the Campaign for Real Booty will be posted first thing tomorrow morning – I could never let the booty suffer, even for my own womb. So, get ready to view some Grade A, high-quality ass tomorrow, folks. Coming off last week’s Civilian Booty, I have a special roller-booty in store for you, my friends. See you tomorrow!


mya said...

Hope everything went well with the removal. I'm such a pansy, I'm all pill all the time. No babies plz.

SKabs said...

Hast thou considered the NuvaRing?