Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kicked in the Head

While scrimmaging last night at practice, I executed what was sure to be a solid and powerful block on the opposing jammer, only the jammer tripped and I was already in mid-backward-swoop and unable to change course, which resulted in a semi-head on, face-to-face collision that sent us both reeling.

And while in a double-knee fall, rapidly sliding across the rink (while facing backwards), I got kicked in the head and had my left hand run over. The head ref yells, “I SAW THAT!” And not knowing which gregarious foul to which he was referring, skaters from both teams that were on the rink yelled back simultaneously, “IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!” And it was: both my full-body semi-face-to-face slam and my getting kicked in the head. Eh, it’s derby.

This is nowhere near my first brush with death on the rink. Okay, “brush with death” may be slightly dramatic. “Potential injury” is more like it. I’ve had several real injuries and many, many more potential ones that were averted. We all have.

Aside from the usual bumps, bruises, and hematomas, I had my first real injury about 1 year into my derby career. It was at our family and friends night, and I was taken down to my knees “wrestling style” by one of my own teammates, but a kneepad had slid down and my knee slammed into the hardwood completely unprotected. The result? A torn PCL in my right knee and 3-4 months of PT and no skating. I’ve also separated my AC joint (shoulder/clavicle), fractured ribs, and broken my tailbone.

It happens. And this may sound stupid, but it makes me feel alive. So what if I wandered around for 20 minutes last night trying to find out where I had sat down my wrist guards, and they were still on? I’m writing this today, aren’t I?

Anything that’s worth doing comes with risks, and it’s truthfully really uncommon to get kicked in the head in derby. And when you do, an ice pack is brought to you in no time flat by one of your teammates, people offer you ibuprofen left and right, and the people who were involved with the preceding collision always go up to each other ASAP, apologize, and make sure each other are alright.

Honestly, I wouldn’t take getting kicked in the head any other way.


Carrie said...

Last night was a bad night in general. I broke my wrist! WTF? :P

Hooligal said...

I kicked someone in the head at the roller disco once. Me abnd a girl were racing and weaving and we both tried to get through this gap of people and i knocked em over (of course) and fell too. On the way down, my feet kinda went up behind me as the girl i knocked over was falling down and WHAM, kicked her in the head. SHE WAS PISSED! she was just a regular roller skater at the disco, not a derby girl!
That day I learned I'm a danger to myself and others. It's true...anytime I step out somewhere i skates, someone gets hurt, be it me or someone else. It's a mixed blessing/curse.