Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Happy Tuesday! I’m finally back in Charm City after spending 3+ days at BrewCon 2008, the WFTDA Annual Business Meeting, and I’m happy to report that it went very well even though I’m a bit derby-ed out (3 days of meetings from 8-6pm most days)!

It was great to meet some of the ladies with whom I work on the WFTDA – we talk in conference calls and via e-mail, so it was great to place faces with names and get to hang out a bit too. It was also awesome to see some old friends I haven’t seen in a year or more and to meet some new people!

We definitely accomplished a lot of work, and I came away with the lofty dream, wishing all my business interactions were as productive, relaxed, and fun as they were at this meeting, which was full of wonderfully motivated diverse women and men who care an unbelievable amount about roller derby and maintaining integrity in the sport. I’m certainly impressed. And tired.

I love being surrounded by derby people, because in general they seem to value the things in life that deserve value (integrity, hard work, inclusiveness) and don’t give a shit about the rest – they don’t care how you look, and they don’t care how much money you make. No matter how often I go to a derby conference or meeting or bout, I’m always surprised by this, and it’s always refreshing.

I must admit that my camera SUCKED, and I did not get any good booty shots to share with you this Friday. There was a lot of booty there – there was a lot of bare booty there the night of the pub crawl! And, well, I couldn’t show that anyway, right? Right.

Off to do real work – Tuesday is the new Monday…

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