Thursday, May 22, 2008


You know what day it is, people? It’s Campaign day! That’s right, and I’m happy to present you with today’s featured booty, from Florida and a member of the Tourist City Terrors (formerly Florida Roller Girls): Banan-a-Rammer!!!

“I wear the yellow tights to go with my derby name, which is Banan-a-Rammer.”

As treasurer of her league and a one-and-a-half-year vet, Banana indicates she’s a blocker, because “with a butt like that, you kind of have to be.”

“I never really liked my ass until I started roller derby,” says Banana. “It used to bring me some negative attention. Now I block and hit people with it. How great is that?!” Pretty fucking great, if you ask me…

“The other day at practice we had a blocking drill, and one of the girls actually said that she did not like me because she could not get around my ass.”

“I really enjoy playing roller derby and hanging out with my derby sisters outside of practice,” says Banana. She goes on to talk about her personal experience with a roller derby phenomenon that many of us have experienced, and which I perceive to be a great benefit of roller derby. “I now have actual girl friends that I can hang out with, where before I didn't really hang out with girls.”

The impact of derby on Banana’s life doesn’t stop there. “I love fitness and am into clean eating,” she says. “I also aspire to become a firefighter/paramedic [one day].” Get it girl! If you can do derby, you can do anything!

Thank you, Banana for submitting your bio and photos to the Campaign for Real Booty.

It’s been 14 weeks, and each week we see a different ba-dunk-a-dunk – all of them real, all of them strong, and all of them beautiful. Keep those photos and bios coming, ladies! I know it goes against everything a southern belle should be (I know, I lived in Mississippi), but I’d love to feature some of you southerners. I feel you have not yet been adequately represented! Bring it!


Doc Holla J said...

Banana's booty is unbelievable!

Jerzee Fresh said...

Doc Holla is right. I've been hit by that ass before, she calls it the Booty Bump. It's not pretty. The ass is pretty, just the block is a bitch. Shake that ass, show me whatchya working with!