Friday, May 16, 2008


It may be week 13 of CFRB, but we’re certainly lucky today! I’m proud to bring you a Charm City transplant, now living in Los Angeles: Cherrylicious!!!

“Derby is what made me appreciate my ass,” Cherrylicious says. “I used to hate it before I started skating.”

As a borderline big booty, Cherry’s ass can go either way, and I personally think she’s a great example of how your attitude determines how others perceive you. Cherry’s got the kind of ass that an insecure girl may be ashamed of. She’s certainly not fat by any stretch of the imagination, but I can see how catty flat-assed rich chicks may attempt to rag on what I think is a wonderful, powerful ass.

But it’s Cherry’s attitude that doesn’t allow anyone to think negative thoughts about her ass – even for a second. She rocks it, and rocks it well. That ass even got me backstage to watch The Police last summer!

“[When] I started roller derby, I realized the amazing power of a booty block and the even more amazing power of booty shorts (which I highly recommend to everyone).” Cherry goes on to say, “Why wear pants when you can rock booty shorts?!? Life hasn't been the same for me since.”

Cherrylicious recently made the move from Baltimore to LA, and although CCRG misses her sorely, we wish her well and know damn well that her ass can do anything she sets her mind to. (PSST! LA! You ladies should really snatch her up!)


pixie rocket said...

come back Cherry!
we miss your ass, and your lovely whole self...

steak knife said...

awwww. cherry and her epic ass. one othe sweetest people ever! totally missed!

Anonymous said...

I have a crush on Cherry's ass.

Holly said...

aw, cherry's ass

Holly said...

aw, cherry's ass

Tara Armov said...

I finally got to meet Cherry and skate with her at Roll For A Cure a couple of weeks ago.


And that's a good thing!