Friday, May 9, 2008


Today at the Campaign for Real Booty, I’m happy to bring you a proud flag-wearing booty: CRUEL BRITANNIA!!!

Showing her love for derby all over the US, Cruel Brit has a massive dedication to the sport, picking it up wherever her schooling has taken her. Pre-fresh meat with Rose City in Portland, OR, Cruel Britannia, #’76, did her first real fresh meat time with Providence Roller Derby while studying in CT for a semester.

“From there, I went back to my real school in Tacoma, WA and was part of the Hellbound Homewreckers team with the Dockyard Derby Dames, and now I'm in Harrisburg doing my master's degree and skating with the HARD Nuclear Knockouts,” she tells us. Now that’s some commitment, people.

“I’ve been affectionately called a 'derby whore' for the number of teams I've skated with,” Brit says.

“I was the 'muscle' on the Dockyard squad,” Brit indicates, “but since coming out here, I've become the ass, and realized that I really do like being a pivot.”

And a nice ass that is! You can catch Cruel Britannia next at home in Harrisburg on June 8, 2008, skating against Pioneer Valley (I do hope for her sake that they bring their mens’ team along, The Dirty Dozen, because damn, are they pretty to look at! I’m SO gonna catch shit for objectifying men in this manner…).

Thanks for the submission, Brit! You rock!

Keep those bootys comin', ladies! The Campaign is going strong with asses like Cruel Brit's, and let's keep it that way - send your pix and bios to:


Merv said...

Everyone knows that a big derby booty is sexy!!!

rclosure said...

Love your blog! And definitely love your photos! I think you're hott. :)