Friday, May 30, 2008


It’s week 15 of CFRB, and I’m excited to broaden our booty horizons here by presenting you with today’s derriere that comes all the way from Australia: Denim Destructor!

Denim’s entry was written and submitted (with her approval) by her leaguemate, Felicity Scragwell, a Big Derby Girls Don’t Cry reader who felt strongly that she needed to share her love of Denim’s booty with the rest of the world.

“Denim Destructor (#55), is an ex-artistic skater and all round rink-rat,” says Felicity. “[She] is one of the founding members of the Victorian Roller Derby League (VRDL) and has been skating with us since the early months of 2007.”

Denim Destructor, or “DD” for short, skates on the VRDL team Dead Ringer Rosies as a jammer and blocker (with MY old teammate from Charm City, BERZERKER!).

“We've been a proud observer of Double D's progress, not only in [the] derby field, but also in the field of self esteem,” says Felicity. “[Denim has] gone from strong to confident with happy strength and from denim mini skirt to ruffled denim hotpant - and it's a marvelous thing.”

Hells yeah! I wanna know where the heck can I get a ruffled denim hotpant! Where?! You Aussies sure know how to rock the booty…

“She's kept and built on the agility and swiftness of artistic skating but packs one of our league's meanest blocking punches, and although not (quite)the hardest shoulder/J blocker, there's just no getting past that butt,” says Felicity.

“Her hip checks, booty and body blocking skills make you NEVER want to be behind DD in the pack!”

Felicity, and hopefully DD, will be attending RollerCon this summer - so buy these ladies a beer! They deserve it!

And, DON'T FORGET!!! I need some more booty to keep this Campaign going, so send in those bios and asses:


supremookie said...

VRDL reprezents... yeah baby!

Donna Khebab said...

We lub DD thiiis much!

Anonymous said...

That jammer on jammer blocking is superb. Yay jammers who have the booty to pull it off!

oyster eyes said...

Hey! I just read through your entire archives... what an amazing blog. The photos are killer and you're a great writer. Can't wait to read more.