Thursday, May 15, 2008

Campaign for Real Booty, Revisited

The Campaign for Real Booty (CFRB) has enjoyed 12 full weeks of success. CFRB was originally launched as a place to feature those ladies in derby who might not otherwise be the subject of the roller derby photogs because of their size, yet who deserve mention and showcasing regardless of their body type. CFRB celebrates real booties - strong booties, powerful booties, booties who shatter the stereotype of what a booty and the woman attached to it should be. In CFRB, the bigger, stronger booty is our ideal, but we also recognize that smaller booties shouldn’t be discriminated against and have featured them as well.

Through CFRB I think we’ve broken down some walls within our community; we’ve inspired bigger girls who wanted so desperately to be part of roller derby, but didn’t think they could be because of their size, to try out and join their local leagues, we’ve shown that “fat” can coexist with “fit,” and we’ve felt inspired and renewed every Friday when we’ve had the chance to celebrate and relate to that week’s featured booty.

I want to keep this going, but we need more submissions. I’ve heard from so many rollergirl readers how much they love CFRB, but when I ask them to submit some photos and a bio for the Campaign, they become shy and done think they have what it takes. WE ALL HAVE WHAT IT TAKES.

If you make a submission and are featured, I guarantee you that you will be an inspiration to CFRB readers. I’ve also heard from women featured in past CFRB weeks, and the astounding response I get from them is that after being featured, their gameplay changes. They get better. They have more confidence. All because of CFRB? I tend to think they all had it in them the whole time and just didn’t know it. In a way, CFRB is like Dumbo’s feather – he doesn’t really need it, but it helps him get there.

With over 200 leagues in the US alone, I know there have to be plenty more big booties out there for us to farm from. If for some reason you don’t want to make a submission yourself, please nominate someone – send me their e-mail addy or myspace profile, and I’ll nag them.

Now, if you do make a submission, please remember to include your name and a bio with the pictures. I’ve sadly received some submissions without these pieces of info, and it’s incredibly hard for me to track you down, find out who you are, and craft a bio. Plus, we wanna hear from YOU. Why do you like your big butt and thighs? How have you overcome stereotyping? Tell us how awesome you are, and don’t be afraid to do so!

So, unless I get some quality submissions today, your CFRB for tomorrow will be me. Keep in mind, however, I can only do this once. I really don’t want us to miss a week of CFRB. It would seriously make me cry. So, get those submissions in:

Now, some upcoming CFRB info:

1. I’m going to take my camera to BrewCon next weekend (the annual WFTDA meeting), and I hope to get some WFTDA Ass that I can feature on 5/30.

2. RollerCon is coming up… Who’s going? Are all the challenge slots taken? If not, I propose someone spearhead a CFRB team. It would be AMAZING if we could get ladies previously featured in CFRB to be on this team, and I guarantee you it would be a blowout.

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