Thursday, May 1, 2008

Favorite Derby Things

Since the 1st bout of our home season is this weekend, I have been thinking a lot about the various derby-related items I can’t seem to live without and must make sure to bring with me on bout day, and I thought I’d take some time today to list some of those items I just can’t seem to live without.

1. Enell Sports Bra: This is the BEST SPORTS BRA EVER MADE, and I simply cannot emphasize that enough! The slogan of this bra is “The bounce stop here!” and it’s true – no matter the size of your boobies (32C-52DDD), this bra puts them in their place. I run in this bra, and I skate in this bra – it even kept me from slapping myself in the face, just last night, as I was doing jumps on skates. The lovely ladies at Black Eyed Susan Skate Shop (Mibbs Breakin’ Ribbs, Marzipain & Souxie Slaughter) sell this bra for cheaper than I’ve found it anywhere else. It’s not a cheap item, but I guarantee that you will never buy another brand of sports bra again – it’s well worth it’s weight in gold. While Black Eyed Susan Skate Shop's site is under construction, you can visit their myspace page or e-mail Souxie Slaughter for more information and to place an order:

2. FRS: New Sun® Nutrition are the makers of the FRS line of products, which are endorsed by Lance Armstrong. The deal here is that FRS is packed with antioxidants, which is suppose to give you more and sustained energy if taken 30-60 minutes prior to a workout. I first heard about FRS on, one of my favorite food sites on the web, and a source I trust to tell the truth about whether products work, don’t work, taste good, or taste like shit. I personally have been taking FRS supplements for about 3 months now (I use the Diet Orange Concentrate before practice or the gym and keep the Lime Chews in my skate bag in case I forget to drink the concentrate before I leave the house). I feel that I can really tell the difference in my endurance when I use FRS – it gives me an extra energy boost in the 3rd hour of endurance practices. FRS offers a free trial that consists of preselected items (you can choose regular or sugar free) that you can sign up for on their website. Just know that you must cancel after you receive your free trial, or you will be sent and billed for their products on a monthly basis. Personally, I subscribe to get 2 items (concentrate and chews) every 2 months, because the concentrate is not sold at GNC (only chews and the WAY overpriced individual drinks), and you get a discount by ordering directly from FRS.

3. Ezeefit Ankle Booties: Why is it that I’ve never gotten blisters from cheap-ass skates, but I have now with my expensive ones? In any event, I suppose I should consider myself lucky to have been blister-free for so long. What works to prevent blisters are these neoprene booties. You wear them under or instead of socks or tights, and they don’t allow any rubbing of themselves or anything else with your sensitive foot skin. They can also be found at Black Eyed Susan Skate Shop. Happy feet – ahhh…

4. DanceWear® Solutions: DanceWear® Solutions is a dance catalog that carries all sorts of clothing that crosses over into the derby world, and they even carry plus sizes. It’s from this catalog that I purchased the gold lame booty shorts I will be wearing this season. Warning: some of the little-girl outfits, and the models wearing them, are downright creepy.

5. Tiger Balm: Forget Ben Gay, Icy-Hot, or anything else that is suppose to help relieve pain and sooth muscles – Tiger Balm is the way to go! I usually slather down my lower back with this stuff prior to each time I skate. The red version is more intense than the white. I suggest using the white for shin splints and other leg cramps, but I like the red to head off lower back pain at the pass.

6. Smart Water: Electrolytes are important. Without replenishing your body’s electrolytes you can get drained and dizzy pretty fast – not to mention that muscle cramps begin when your electrolytes are low or depleted. Gatorade has too much sugar in it for me – it makes me get the mouth-pukes if I drink it when I skate, but water just doesn’t cut it, especially during a competition. Smart Water is water with electrolytes – no sugar, no calories, just what you need to put back what leaks out of you while you’re skating (ewwwww).

7. Sock Dreams: Sock Dreams is THE place to buy derby socks. They have a huge selection, and a good amount of diversity in socks made for thicker legs and thighs. They even make a sock that rival’s American Apparel’s over-the-knee socks that you can buy without the guilt of supporting the eccentric self-proclaimed “oversexed” CEO who has been rumored to have several statutory rape charges against him.

Well, I’m sure I could come up with more products I love, but this is the short list of derby Items I can’t live without. Is there something great you can’t get enough of? Post it as a comment for us!

Tomorrow’s Campaign for Real Booty has me REALLY excited! We’ll be featuring the MOST REQUESTED booty in this campaign, so check in, because this ass is sure to be a hit!


Hooligal said...

Do you think sock dreams makes plus size theigh high tube socks? Like the american apparel ones? I love them so much but they would fit like, my arm maybe. haha.

Cindy Lop-her said...

Hey! Check out this link for all "Plus Size" socks they have.

Unfortunately, they don't have the ones that have stripes at the top, like AA, but they do have the plain ones...


Midlife Crashes said...

I LOVE my Enell sports bra! It absolutely eliminates the bounce. Every big-busted gal should try one.