Monday, May 5, 2008

Joy (Pump it up, Pump it up) and Pain

Saturday was our season opener, and it was amazing! All the way up until I had to go to the hospital.

The trades we made to level out the teams and the skill disparities among them proved to be a great decision. Both games were close, and it made it so exciting to play against formidable opponents. Our first period against the Mods went well, and we came out of it up 2 points. We were prepared to blow past them early in the second...

I think it was the 4th or 5th jam of the second period when it happened. I was pivoting, and Penalty'na and I were taking turns slamming into each other up front. We were only at turn 2 when we collided and our shoulders perfectly met. I felt mine “roll and grind” and I knew instantly something was wrong. It was hot and in a lot of pain.

Derby flashed before my eyes – I had so many thoughts at once! Was something broken? Dislocated? Separated? Was I okay? Would I be out for the season? Could I play the remainder of the game?

I never hit the ground – I kept skating and made the decision at turn 3 to throw a block with the injured shoulder to see just how bad it really was and if I could continue to play.

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! The hit brought me down to a knee. I got back up but knew I was done. Luckily, the jam was called off seconds later, and I sprinted to the EMTs.

“You have to go to the hospital now,” they said. After much arguing and discussion on my part about my not wanting to have to pay for ambulance transport, the head EMT felt bad for me, broke his rule, and put my shoulder back in socket. I was told later by a teammate who had been out on the rink skating that she could hear my scream, but I don’t even remember doing it.

I waited the final 9 minutes for the bout to end (we lost by 4 points, if I remember correctly), and Betty Beatdown collected my things and took me to the hospital, where, luckily I was “fast tracked.” After a quite hilarious experience in the bathroom trying to collect a urine specimen (Betty offer to hold the cup for me – a true friend), the painful process of removing my shirt and bra, and a very awkward experience with an x-ray tech who wanted to take my picture and me to touch his wiener, I finally found out the very good news that nothing was broken or separated (yay!).

I will say, for the prognosis (shoulder and a/c contusion), the pain doesn’t seem to match – I’m in WAY more pain now than I was when I did have a grade 3 a/c separation (of my other shoulder). It’s bizarre.

I got a script for Percocet (and had fun filling that at 12am while still in my booty shorts and fishnets – people were falling over themselves looking at me with such confusion!), I have a sling, and I’m due to see my orthopedist tomorrow at 3pm. Keep your fingers crossed!

I’m not ready to stop playing derby, and I’m certainly not ready to give up on this season. I said it last fall: this is my season. And it still is. I will come out of this injury bigger and better than ever! I will become the pivot of all pivots! Now, where did I put that pill bottle…

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