Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Shoulder Update

I’m on the fast track to healing! Nothing “major” is wrong, my orthopedist said, and I’m out of the sling! The pain should hopefully subside in a week, and I can (this is the best part…) resume normal activity as it feels OK to do so - woot! Thank you, gods of derby – THANK YOU!

Additionally, my VP here at the publishing house has been trying to convince me to let him try this myofascial trigger point therapy to relieve some of the pain. I decided to give it a go, and although I’m not pain free, I do have a lot better range of motion and am in significantly less pain! Amazing!


Flux Incapacitator said...

Woo hoo! Congrats! Be on the track with you soon!

Midlife Crashes said...

Glad to hear it's nothing bad! I go to my ortho today for my shoulder also (??) but I've been ignoring the pain for 3 weeks now so I'm sure he will yell at me :)