Tuesday, May 13, 2008

You Put your A/C Joint In, You Put Your A/C Joint Out...

When I was 15, I attended an indoor soccer birthday party for a guy I liked. I was playing Full Back, when an opposing player came in for the goal. We both went for the ball at the same time: him to shoot and score and me to kick the ball upfield and away from the goal. We both missed, and instead of kicking the ball we kicked each other, and I shattered several of the tiny little bones on the top of my foot. It was a Friday night. Basketball tryouts were on Monday after school, and you know damn well that I hid my injury from my parents and attended tryouts 2 days later.

I wound up making it half way through tryouts before I had to stop from the excruciating pain. I couldn’t wear a shoe on my melon-sized foot for the next few weeks. Not only did I not make the team, but I couldn’t do anything for way longer than I would have been able to if I had just gone to the doctor’s immediately and got some crutches instead of attempting to try out for the basketball team.

Fast forward 14 years, and I was almost seriously considering doing the exact same thing, only with roller derby. After the swelling went down last week, I was in much more pain and had to contact my orthopedist again. I did re-separate my A/C joint, albeit not as badly as I did a year and a half ago.

Unfortunately, my saying “I’m okay” and professing to my team that I’ll be at practice this week simply cannot make my injury heal any faster. I wish it could.

So, I’m now back in reality and unsure if I’ll be able to even have good enough attendance to be eligible to play in the June bout if I’m better by then (attendance depends on being active in all drills, not just being absent from practice entirely). I’m sad, but I need to follow the advice I give the injured regularly: let it heal or you’ll be out for longer. And I know this, but I’m stubborn (excuse me, “strong willed”), and I’ve wanted to be able to resume all normal activity right now. I now know I can’t.

So, my natural inclination is to stay away from practice altogether, because it’s surely going to be very upsetting to watch everyone skate and not be able to myself, but I know this is the wrong thing to do. If I really, truly want to become a better player - which I really, truly do - I still need to come to practice and watch and participate in team scrimmages by calling out rosters and just plain being there to hear team strategy over and again. I’ll do it. I’ll be there tomorrow night with bells on.

And in the meanwhile, while I cannot skate, I’ve made the commitment to remain conscious about my healthy eating, since I won’t be getting nearly my usual amount of exercise, and I’ll do what I can as far as squats and lunges and other leg exercises go. I only hope that when I can come back I’ll be prepared and not have such a horrible time getting back to where I was physically before the injury. After all, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?

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