Friday, June 6, 2008

Where Da Booty At?

I use to be the type of person who was enthusiastic on my league’s yahoo group. I would check the group a million and one times a day and respond to requests from everyone, even if I didn’t have the answer. I wanted to contribute.

Lately, I find myself skimming my e-mail inbox for only the most important stuff. I use to at least open e-mail before deleting them, but I don’t even do that anymore. Not only that, but when I do open up important e-mails, I tend to sit back and watch and see if anyone else responds before I do – I hesitate to reply. I’m tired, and I’ve come to the conclusion that more often than not someone else will handle it.

So, where da booty at today? It’s week 16, you say. Surely, there’s more booty to be seen? Indeed, there is.

However, today’s booty requires you to unfocus your eyes from your computer, stand up, turn your head over your left shoulder, and look down.

Got a good image? It’s nice, isn’t it? Perhaps today it’s clad in jeans. Maybe it protrudes on the sides, maybe it protrudes in the rear, and maybe—just maybe—it protrudes both ways, which would be truly spectacular! Go ahead. Tell yourself you have a nice ass (or maybe call it a booty or ba-dunk-a-dunk if it prefers not to be sweared at).

We’ve had 15 booties showcased so far on CFRB, but I find it incredibly hard to believe that that’s all the booty that’s out there in the derby world. I bet you know at least one other booty you could convince to submit to the Campaign (psst! It’s right under your nose!).

Many people don’t know what to write about themselves, so I’m going to help you out by giving you a form to fill in:

Derby Name:
Derby League Name:
Home Team Name:
Are you on the travel team?
Awards Won (If Any):
How long have you played derby?

I joined roller derby because ________________________
I like playing roller derby because _______________________
I like my ass/booty/ba-dunk-a-dunk because ________________________________________
My ass/booty/ba-dunk-a-dunk helps me in derby because ______________________________
Is there anything else you’d like to share?

In other news, this week the Campaign for Real Booty got its own Myspace page. Befriend us!

Although CFRB has a poor showing this week, I refuse to believe the Campaign is over. In fact, I think it’s just begun. Stay tuned, because next week’s booty–the comeback booty–is sure to be a good one!

Make it happen, ladies:


K.T. said...

Photogs rarely take my picture, so I don't have enough to submit for a full-on profile. But I thought I'd share my favorite. It's not a particularly inspiring shot of my ass, but it's a GREAT shot of its aftermath [asstermath?]:

Photo copyright Marc Campos. God, I loved that hit.

-= Trixie Biscuit, Fight Crew #54, LADD

Flux Incapacitator said...

No booty! :(