Friday, July 11, 2008


If last week’s 4th of July hiatus has you seeing red because you didn’t get your fill of bountiful booty, then don’t despair, because this week’s rump more than makes up for it. Ladies and gentleman, I give you C.N. Red!!!

A pivot and blocker with the Queen City Roller Girls out of Buffalo, NY, C.N. Red skates for the Devil Dollies and has been playing derby for 2 years.

"When I originally joined roller derby, I was a bit intimidated because I didn't know what to expect, especially being a larger woman," Red states. "However, when the league started its regular practices, I saw women of every size, age, and athletic ability. For the first time in my life, I felt like my size was invisible. I was just a derby girl - not a 5'0" woman who wears a size twenty-two on the bottom."

She goes on to say, "If it wasn't for roller derby, I don't know if I would have ever ended the cycle of beating myself up because of my clothing size and the misconceptions that society has about women who wear clothes larger than a single digit."

As for her strengths, Red is a smart woman, and she knows where they lie. "My booty and my hips are my greatest asset - and they're the best derby tools one could ask for! They give my teammates great hip whips, deliver lots of crushing blows, and provide me plenty of cushion when I hit the floor!" she says. But what comes next may be her biggest strength of all. "The best thing [my booty and hips] have done though is inspire women from other leagues to really step up their game and be the best players they can be. When someone came up to me in a bar and said that I inspired them because of my size, that was the best thing my hips and booty did for me."

RED ROCKS! That’s part of what the Campaign for Real Booty is all about ladies! This entity that is roller derby gives us the platform to allow us to feel good about ourselves (as well we should) and to be excellent examples and role models to woman of all shapes and sizes out there who may still shun the idea that it’s okay to love yourself even if you’re not perfect. Guess what? No one is perfect. What comes closest to perfection in my opinion, though, is living your life like C.N. Red – unafraid and happy with who she is.

As if she wasn’t perfect enough already, Red has set a goal for herself, "This summer I'm working on building up my endurance so I can regularly jam next season and shock the hell outta my opponents!"

And I’m sure you will, Red! Please check back in and send us a pic of you with that star on your helmet.

Cindy Lop-her cartoon by Paigey!


girlon8wheels said...

Yay! I made it! :) I think this is the first time I've really smiled in about a week, lol. Thanks Cindy!

C.N. Red

Megan said...

w00t! BIG JAMMERS RULE!! Go for it, Red!