Friday, July 18, 2008


Welcome to week 20 of the Campaign for Real Booty! I’m excited to bring you a very strong woman, who’s not only impending in size but also who has a robust sense of self. I’m please to give you Dreadnought!!!

An unteamed skater with the Boston Derby Dames, Dreadnought has been skating since July 2007.

“I've always been bigger than most of my friends,” Dread says, “I put on weight easily, and I also build muscle quickly and have a large frame. My shoulders are broader than my fiancé's! So much of what attracted me to derby was that these traits were actually valuable. I'm built like a bulldog (short and squat) and my low center of gravity paired with my large frame have been very helpful for me while I've been learning to take hits from the strongest skaters in my league. Before derby, the only place I felt natural was in self defense classes, where I was told that ‘because you look big and strong, a lot of attackers will go for someone smaller as a target.’ That was one of the biggest complements of my life, and I hope that with more practice, the same will be said for me on the track.”

“When I started derby I expected to become more fit, but I knew going into it that I wouldn't lose a pound,” Dread indicates. “Just like when I was weight training, I simply changed shape, and I feel like I've become even more ‘me’ if that makes sense. I've always been very hourglass, and derby has enhanced this - my waist has become trimmer, but my shoulders and thighs have become noticeable bigger and stronger. I can ‘Hulk’ my way through a pair of my old XL knee pads because of all the muscle I've packed on in my quads. I joke that the reason booty-blocking comes naturally to me is simply because my booty takes up half the track, but I'm partly serious. I think that my size gives me confidence when playing derby because I don't feel like I'm easily crushed or pushed aside.”

“If someone were to offer me a way to magically drop 100lbs so I could look like a model, I don't think I could do it. While it's frustrating to go into a clothing store and know that none of the pants will fit me, I like taking up more space. I couldn't stand feeling small - there's too much of me inside to squeeze into a size four body. I'm looking forward to becoming even more fit and healthy as I continue to skate, but I hope to stay ‘big and strong’ instead of simply slimming down. Plus, having a big bum gives me more room to write long phrases on my shorts.”

“I've had a bit of an uphill battle with derby because I've already been sidelined by a few nasty injuries. So far I've broken my tailbone and sprained my MCL, but I refuse to let that stop me. I'm hoping to be teamed and bouting when the season starts up again, but until then I'll be using my fabulous booty to its fullest in the back of the pack during scrimmages.”

From all of us, best of luck, Dread. I know you're going to do wonderful, and I can't wait to play you some day (my father-in-law lives in Boston)!


Kari T. Ryder Wilkie said...

That's a real booty!

girlon8wheels said...

Awesome iron-on panties! Where did you find those shorts Dread?

Anita said...

Dreadnought is the consummate awesome derby girl: strong, skilled, stylin' and supportive - I always see her at other leagues' bouts around New England. You go, grrl!

dreadnought said...

The shorts are American Apparel, and the letters came from Michael's craft store. I need to make some more, because I love those glittery letters!

dreadnought said...

I'm no longer unteamed booty! I'm on the Nutcrackers now. Hooray!