Monday, July 28, 2008


With the 4th annual RollerCon taking place this week, I thought it was all to appropriate to feature the lady who brings us RollerCon – she has also brought you your skates and gear for the past 3 years, and she has helped shape derby as we know it today. It is with great booty love, that I present you with Ivanna S. Pankin!!!

Founder of Arizona Roller Derby (AZRD) in 2003 and Sin City Rollergirls (SCRG) in 2005, as many of us know Ivanna’s business savvy extends beyond the league level to the national level, as she also helped to found the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) in 2004. As if that wasn’t keeping her busy enough, she founded RollerCon and Sin City Skates, both in 2005 – both wildly successful nearly 3 years later. Her reach in the community is deep and her contributions are numerous, but aside from being an amazing business woman and an influential force in derby, she also has a REALLY SWEET ASS.

“I like my ass cause it seems to have a gravitational pull of its own,” Says Ivanna.

AZRD seasons 1 and 2, Ivanna won the Best Jammer award. Season 1 she was also voted league MVP. In 2005 she captured MPV and Best Jammer for SCRG. Now skating again with AZRD, Ivanna pivots and jams. And who could forget her presence on the all-star team composed of league all-stars from all across the country? Yes, Ivanna is also captain of Team USAwesome (aka, Team Awesome).

“I wish I could say I was always super confident about my shape, but I do have moments - my favorite one, recently, was when a LA Ri-ettes fan mentioned that he was worried about the tournament because his whole team had been shrinking in size cause of summer bikini season.” Ivanna goes on to say, “Somehow that brought out my stubborn size, so I decided to wear far more ass-y clothes than usual, thinking maybe they'd be intimidated by my size…” Ivanna goes on to explain. “I was hoping LA girls would be horrified by a big ass. HA!”

So, where does this league MVP who’s received multiple Best Jammer awards get her gusto on the rink?

“I don't know if [wearing more ass-y clothes] worked, but it definitely made me feel more powerful, and when I feel it, I play that way, too.”

But Ivanna not only brings power to the track, she also brings strategy too.

According to Trish the Dish, “She somehow manages to sneak up on you with it,” Trish says. “I don't know how many times she's surprised me on the line.”

Yes, Ivanna may be a booty hero to all of us, but she too has her heros.

“Speaking of asses, Beyonslay is my hero,” Ivanna says. “In a recent scrimmage, I got Rice Rocket really good on an inside hit that lifted her up a foot off the ground - and she landed on her feet!!! Out of bounds, but still! Rice Rocket is like a cat; nearly impossible to lay out. The Slay Ride almost made me cry. Get 'em, Slay!!!”

Who’s your booty hero?

Well, it was a day late, but certainly not a dollar short, my friends. I hope this CFRB finds you well, and if you’ll be in town for RollerCon this week, stop by and say “hi” to both me and today’s entrant, the woman behind RollerCon, Ms. Ivanna S. Pankin! And if you feel so inclined, you could buy our asses a beer too.

Stay tuned, because this week’s posts are sure to be interesting – I’ll be posting pics and entries from RollerCon all week long!

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