Monday, July 14, 2008

The Nose Picker

I've caught myself over the past week or so getting lazy with my manners, namely picking my nose at my desk around 3pm daily. By the time I've caught myself doing it, I'm knuckle deep. I yank my finger out of my nose and always have the same thought: Did anybody see me?

It's scary, because I do it unconsciously. And really, come to think of it, I can't pinpoint any other time during the day or night that I pick my nose. Sure, there's the occasional pick while watching TV when I've become distracted with a booger drying up inside my nostril – curling up on itself and tugging at a random nose hair. You have to get those out. Then there's the "I think this one is tickling my brain" that I often attempt to pull all the way out in one piece like a magician with multi-colored scarves. I usually get those before bed, after I've washed my face. There are reasons behind these picking incidents.

The disturbing thing about my new-found mid-day nose picking is that I can't determine the cause – there are no boogers, yet I'm sitting at my desk, facing my door, digging around up there. For what?

Perhaps my picking my nose at work is not about necessity but instead is some sort of weird habit. Maybe I pick my nose in other places when I don't realize it. Do I pick because I'm bored? Tired? I get bored and tired all around town – at the grocery store, in the Jiffy Lube waiting room, in the passenger seat of other people's cars!

Oh, crap.

I guess it could be worse. My one coworker twirls her hair into a spiral, sticks it in and out of her ear and then sniffs it. Me? I just pick my nose. Come one, people, we all do it!


chrissy said...

i have one word for you....driving.
nothign passes the time like a good ol' root around the nostril

Betty said...

Make a sculpture. Modern art made with bodily excretions are really hot right now.

girlon8wheels said...

Yes, we all pick our nose from time to time. However, the rare occasion I do it, I always get caught, lol.