Thursday, July 31, 2008

RollerCon Recap Tues & Wed

Okay, okay, so I said I’d post daily here at RollerCon, but it’s really freaking hard, what with the fun and all.

Seriously, though, the past two days have been CRAZY. On Tuesday there was meeting and hauling and preparing and stuff and meeting again and preparing some more.

Some of my sponsors sent very large banners in very large tubes that are very difficult to carry, especially with my shoulders being slightly fucked as all hell. Thanks to Bella Go-gosee for toting “the poll” around for me all night Tuesday. I can’t say she didn’t have fun helping out though. Or Mercyless either.

We did go have a beer while waiting for Hurt to get back with the track-laying supplies, and we ran into Jerry Seltzer, son of the inventor of roller derby. He had went and got a tattoo, because, when at Rollercon, do as the rollergirls have done – get a bad tattoo. Just kidding, Jerry’s tattoo isn’t bad (but the array of horrible 1st tattoos is pretty impressive – me included, of course). In fact, I think I kinda like it.

Hurt, Mercy, Bella, and I went out to West Flamingo Park and Desert Breeze to hang sponsor banners and lay the tracks. While at Desert Breeze, I was sitting down and got eaten to hell by what I can only assume are sand fleas. I don’t know if they are actually sand fleas, but that’s what I’m calling them. They looked like tiny little roaches that scurry around really fast and bite. They suck.

We got back around midnight Tuesday and rounded off the night by having drinks in the hotel casino. They make a killer Mi Tai – it’s all liquor and no mixer, like a Long Island, which knocks you on your ass. After a few of those and catching up with some Baltimore peeps, chicks who have been featured in the Campaign, and talking to strangers, Hurt poured his beer on the floor, and it was time to go home.

We’re on the 3rd floor, and the casino is on 2. The shitty thing is that you cannot access any stairwells, so others on the elevators get pissed. It was 2am, and we were drunk, carrying on, and squeezed ourselves into an elevator full of tourists who weren’t too happy with us. I decided to keep the mood light by screaming, “Everyone say cheese!!!” while I held up my camera to take a shot of everyone in the elevator. The funny thing is, I only got Hurt, giggling like a schoolgirl, and a very uncomfortable Asian woman.

Yesterday was full of hanging banners and meeting with sponsors and picking up burritos and answering questions. By 4pm it had already been a long day, so I went to the pool for 30 minutes and got a foot-long pina colada with extra shots of rum. Rocket Mean and I discussed our plans for ruling the world through roller derby sponsorship, and I could finally relax.

We went to the opening banquet, the pick-up scrimmages at Flamingo Park, and then we hung out at the bar, where I ran into many East coast friends, including Bane Anna, the mascot of all mascots from Long Island who decided on a whim to drop everything and come to RollerCon. Without a room. His plan, as he explained to me, was an experiment he hoped to include in the book he’s writing about being a mascot. His theory is that derby folk are accepting and helpful and kind and his goal was to find someone to stay with this week – but it had to be someone he didn’t know already. I told him I thought he’d have a better chance finding a roomie with the banana suit on. Otherwise, what distinguishes him from just some slacker derby dude? He agreed, and this morning when I came downstairs he informed me that he had found a place to stay. I knew he would.

Just sitting her at registration as I’m typing this, maybe 15 ladies have come up and taken CFRB fliers (made by the wonderful Betty Beatdown) – all excited to submit their asses. Yay! Today is gonna be full, so I’ll take more pix and post tomorrow.

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