Tuesday, July 22, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog?

I’ve been debating taking next week off of blogging, since I’ll be away at RollerCon. When this thought entered my mind, part of me said, “this is a psudo vacation – unplug!” but the other part of me, over the past week or so, thinks some good entries could come out of next week’s festivities. The verdict? You’ll be hearing from me next week.

As I was sitting in my early-morning meeting today, I began thinking about how different next week will be from this current work week. Then again, things, in essence, will remain the same.

There’s a dress code – written or unwritten for both work and derby. It’s each group’s expectation of “normal” or “appropriate” that varies. As much as I’d like to, I can’t say that derby folk are accepting of anything and everything – I’m sure if I showed up to RollerCon dressed like I’m expected to for a work-related conference, I would get a lot of strange looks (just like I would if I would wear booty shorts and fishnets to a publishing conference).

There’s buzzwords and jargon. Here at work I’m immersed in ideas for new products that are “low-hanging fruit”, finding “product evangelists” to give us quotes for the covers of our books, and getting “buy in” for this title or that. Next week I’ll swap that out for talking about “playing the cut”, while I introduce my “derby wife” to the “[insert regional name her] Doll”, who I met at the “Jeerleader” competition.

So, which is better? I don’t think it’s a matter of better or worse. It’s all just interesting to me, which is why I decided to pack the puter and hopefully capture all the interest on paper before it has left me for good.

I should also mention a special outfit is being made for me to wear next week, and I’m excited about it, but also a little nervous. The Campaign for Real Booty is a sponsor of RollerCon this year, and as a sponsor I’ve been asked to donate something for the raffles that will benefit Tequila Mockingbird. Being so new in its infancy, The Campaign has no shwag of its own, so I negotiated a deal with the kind owners of Black Eyed Susan Skate Shop who are cutting me a major deal on my favorite bra, so that I can offer 3 gift certificates for one Enell bra each to the raffle winners. Now, here’s the fun part: Black Eyed Susan is also creating a custom skating outfit for me to wear at the Con – a red Enell bra, embellished with flames, and a skirt or booty shorts made from matching flame material. How hot is that? My only concern is my gut, but I suppose I’ll just have to get over that (eek!).

So, even though I won’t be skating, I will still be at night scrimmages wearing my new outfit and screaming my lungs out. If you see me, offer encouragement for my gut-bearing (or a shaw).


Dramanatrix said...

Bah! The woman behind the Campaign for Real Booty cannot succumb to stomach related body insecurity! Bellies need love and appreciation, too! Can the Campaign for real Tummies be far behind? The gut-muppet and I certainly hope not! You will rock the sports bra hard core, and feel free and empowered for having done so.

Megan said...

oooh, custom Enell bras! Never thought of that. I just have a plain white one, but that could easily become a checkered-flag bra, couldn't it! Ideas, ideas. Wanna see a pic of you in the flames, sistah! ~midlife crashes~