Friday, August 29, 2008


I'm excited to bring a bit of education to the masses today, because I'm super excited about the booty that I'm about to present - she's an important figure in the face of modern-day roller derby, but she's not a skater. She's a jeerleader. I'm prpud to present today's real booty: Jinxy DV-8!!!

Jinxy DV-8, Founder and CEO of the United Roller Derby Jeerleaders Association and founder and captain of both the Bomb Squad, official Jeerleaders of the TXRD Cherry Bombs, and the Lonestar Jeerleaders, Official Jeerleaders for TXRD, started out in 2004 when the Cherry Bombs were conceived, and she’s been jeerleading ever since. A cheerleader for about eight years, Jinxy knows quite a bit about working a crowd, but that’s not her only qualification to get derby fans riled up as a jeerleader. She also did gymnastics for about 10 years and has been involved in dance for over 20 years.

“I'm not a skater, but I'm a jeerleader and I'm a big girl,” Jinxy says. “I'm proud of it and I'm proud that my big ass can ghetto roll to all the songs that skinny little things can't. I can do stunts, lift bitches and not even bust a sweat. I can perform the way I did when I was a skinny cheerleader and I know there are girls who can't do the same. I heart roller derby and jeering my derby gals on!”

“I'm 5'4" and I was an early bloomer,” Jinxy says. “Not necessarily overweight kid, cause I was extremely active, but I always had a big butt and big boobs, I'm a Latina. After four kids, my rump didn't really look like it did in my early 20's. But after getting back into dance and cheerleading, it's still big, but it's much firmer and I love it.”

“My husband, who was used to going out with skinny minnies, told me that he has become addicted to my butt and my curves,” Jinx proudly stated. “It's true, not a day goes by when he doesn't swat it, grab it or try to bite it.”

She goes on to say, “Well because of that, he's really inspired me and helped me regain confidence and love my butt again. It wasn't all him though; being around real women in TXRD and roller derby has really brought my confidence up higher than I ever could get it on my own.”

Jinxy shares why she loves being a jeerleader. “I love my Amazonia friends and their lovely curves. It's what makes a woman, and to be honest, I've never been more propositioned about my curves in my life since roller derby. I have derby fans, derby stalkers too, even though I'm a cheerleader, and yes, I love it,” she says. “I love being able to do most of the things I did in school and be 30! I love that my kids look up to me and see that I'm still doing my dreams as well as being an awesome mommy.”

I was really excited when Jinxy submitted her booty, because I must admit that I didn’t know much about jeerleading, but I have always wanted to know more. Turns out that jeerleading, like derby, is extremely organized on a national level.

“[The] United Roller Derby Jeerleaders [is] an organization that unites jeer squads from all over. We have squads in NY, LA, down south, midwest, in Canada and last we heard there was a squad in New Zealand. We're mainly comprised of people who not only LOVE roller derby but LOVE dancing and cheering just a little bit more than skating.”

But who are these jeerleaders, I asked. Can anyone do it? Do you have to have had cheerleading experience in the past?

“The Majority of the current jeerleaders out there were at one point actual cheerleaders or had some dance experience. However, anyone can join a jeer squad, [and] there are leagues out there who would really like a jeer squad,” Jinxy says. “I think as long as you bring in a sense of humor, some creativity and a willingness to learn as you go along, most anyone can put together a jeer squad.”

But what about formal organizing?

“Squads can sign up directly to be included in the Association and receive all sorts of learning tools, cheers, starter kits and be included in the Yahoo! group where you can receive support from our veteran jeerleaders.”

“We hold a yearly Jeerleader Competition, the last two were during RollerCon, and we're hoping to have it there again. We also offer jeerleader workshops [and] roundtables workshops at RollerCon as well. Next year, we hope to have more dance workshops, stunt workshops and roundtables.”

But, luckily, if you’re interested in being a jeerleader or starting a jeer squad for your league, you don’t have to wait until RollerCon 09. Anyone interested in starting a jeer squad can email Jinxy to request a starter jeerleader packet. Jinxy also points out that “if any of the other veteran jeer squads are close by, you may be able to have them come down and train your new squads. For instance, my squad, the Lonestar Jeerleaders may be helping out the HARD Rollergirls in Corpus Christi start out their squad!”

Roller derby and the people involved in it have always surprised me, and the jeerleaders are no exception.

“We are busy bees,” Jinxy says, “but our main focus is to help others out there and continue building the foundation for professional roller derby!”

Jinxy’s squad recently won Best Performance, and you can see the winning dance here.

A big thanks to Jinxy for not only schooling us as to what jeerleaders are and do, but also for representing for the very important support staff of roller derby and cheerleaders everywhere. When else have you ever heard a cheerleader publically praise her own ass? Well, you have now.

Hey, Jinxy, perhaps your squad can put together a cheer encouraging other cheerleaders to be fierce like you. It could be called “Eat a Fucking Sandwich” – crass, I know, but I had to say it. Seriously, JEERLEADERS RULE! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!


Jinxy DV-8 said...

Wow, thank you for making me feel amazing! -Jinxy DV-8

MadameGOGO said...

Great article! I have recently started the Ft. Myers PEP TILL DEATH SQUAD and have already had great support from Jinxy and her crew! I too am a woman with curves and am definatly not afraid to shake it like a pompom! Check out outr first performance on you tube : Pep Till Death Squad

Thanks, Madame OGO