Monday, August 4, 2008

RollerCon 08 Recap: Thursday through Sunday

Well, RollerCon 08 was a blur. It was huge, it was fun, it was drunken, it was informative, it was collaborative, and it was tiring. Over the course of the week I was really, really impressed by the acceptance of all forms of derby – banked track, flat track, and men’s derby.

Thursday through Saturday was pretty busy for me. On Thursday I found the best margarita in Vegas, thanks to a man I was chatting with while in line at Chipotle on Wednesday. We started talking about derby when he was 20-people deep, and fifteen minutes later he had paid and all he had to show for it was a margarita. I questioned this. “It’s the absolute best, most strong, cheapest margarita in all of Vegas,” he said. I tried it, and I agree! It’s a damn good margarita.

On Thursday I took on a shift at the raffle booth so Chess Tosterone could get away for a few and go to some classes she had wanted to attend.

I finished out the day at the night scrimmages chatting with a very quiet Chica Loca, who had gotten sick the day before and lost her voice. I was lame and went to bed early – like 1am – but it felt really good to get a good night’s sleep.

Friday was off the hook. Earlier in the day my wife, Flo Shizzle, and I, along with Joy Collision and Dolly Rocket, went out and got 1-year anniversary tattoos. We each kissed a piece of paper, made the guy scan it, and got each other’s lips tattooed on our asses. It’s funny, because only after we were mid-tattooed did Flo and I realize that that was how we met. She had shown up to try out to be an announcer at a bar we were holding auditions at. I was in the bathroom showing someone my Mr. Boh tattoo (lower back/upper butt), and in comes Dixie McKill (Flo’s announcer name), a stranger, who I told to “kiss my ass,” and she did it. She also let me use her lipstick after that (it was good lipstick), and the rest is history.

I was exhausted from all the running around on Friday and almost didn’t make it to the Black and Blue ball – let alone dressed in what I had brought. Mercy and Hurt convinced me to go, so I did, dressed in my big blue beehive wig, corset, and booty shorts. Hello (me with a fellow beehiver)!

It was a great time. We three hooked up with X Khan and Chica Loca and decided to go back to the hotel to attend the Vagine Regime party we were invited to.

On the way there, the Billy Joel “Dealertainer” began performing, and we lost Chica to him. She was the only person going apeshit over Billy, and it was so damn cute.

We finally made it upstairs, saw a belly dancer at the party, and decided to go back downstairs to smoke.

After that it was back to the Mai Thai bar to drink and have fun. It was there that I ran into two of my sponsors, the makers of Hell on Wheels, the movie that was being pre-released at RollerCon. Here we are, Carson, me, and Bob (in my wig).

The night was full of “other people in my wig” pictures.

Rocket Mean

Dolly and Joy

Dolly looking "astute"

I got to bed at 5am, and Saturday’s Sponsorship Meeting was interesting, because I was so afraid I was going to toss cookies during it. It wound up going well, and I think the newbies really appreciated all the information from the vets: Rocket Mean, Hambone, X Khan, and myself.

Saturday was the day I had to wrap everything up, since I was being picked up for the airport at 5am Sunday. The night was a bit crazy, as I kept being postponed in being able to go to the Derby Wedding. I never did make it, but that’s okay.

I’m going to end this long recap post with a quote from Loretta “Little Iodine” Behrens that she left on the RollerCon planning Yahoo Group. I think it exemplifies the true spirit of what RollerCon is really about:

“My word to each and every one of you is: enjoy your time, try to be the best skater you can be, and show all the naysayers that you respect your sport – it will give more to you than you can ever imagine.”

In addition, I would add collaboration. RollerCon is a place to go and meet new people and learn new things. No one knows it all. We each hold a piece. And it's great to have a forum to collaborate!


girlon8wheels said...

Looks like you had a great time! Love the blue wig!

NurseWretched0pt5mg_STAT said...

I'm so jealous!!! I think that pic of Dolly should be her new travel team headshot.

screama donna said...

it was absolutely fabulous to meet you, dear!

Anonymous said...

i wanna see butt-lip tattoo pics!

Ashlee said...

Was the best marg at Chipolte?? Thats odd if so. But then again thats Vegas.

I wish I could've attended and met you as well as many others. My girl Screama Donna went and represented our league.

Love the blog!!! Big gals unite!

Roxi Razorblade

G. No-Evil said...

I loved the sponsorship roundtable!! Even though I knew several of ya'll were hung over it didn't matter. I love derby and you girls are the reason why.

Slaughter County Roller Vixens