Wednesday, August 20, 2008

WARNING: Don’t Do Yourself or Your League a Disservice by Ignoring the Big Girls

Today’s entry was going to be a whiney, tearful entry about how I have to sit out the rest of the season because of my shoulders, but then I was told something that got me all riled up. It’s better, I suppose, to be riled up than to be dwelling in ones own self pity, so more on the shoulders later. For now, a warning.

To all those leagues, coaches, and players who ignore the big girls; who don’t help them grow or show them how to use their size to their advantage; who focus only on the jammers and the star players: don’t do yourself or your league a disservice by ignoring the big girls. Because one day, when those women find out exactly how and when to use their bodies to their best potential, you’re going to be knocked flat on your ass, and in my opinion your being knocked on your ass should happen sooner rather than later, if it were to actually knock some sense into your head.

I’m angered to think that people in positions of power within derby are not doing everything in their power to help everyone grow. Most people see derby as a place for people who never belonged to belong, but that idea is completely negated if the only people that are embraced are the thin, fast, naturally athletic tattooed girls.

Your league may discriminate against fatties, but some of the top leagues in the nation don’t. Have you ever played against another league? Have you ever been laid out on the floor, having the wind completely knocked out of you, by one swoop of the ass of a big girl? If not, I hope you get to experience this very soon.

To all you big girls out there who are on leagues that don’t value you, I suggest taking every opportunity to play with people not on your league. Many times neighboring leagues will invite people from their state or surrounding areas to join them for a practice or scrimmage – go. If you ever attend ECE, sign up to be on a team of people you don’t know, and learn from playing with them. If you’re ever at RollerCon, attend the on-skates training, sign up for challenge bouts on Freemont Street with people you don’t know, and attend the night time mixed scrimmages. Petition your league to have a B Team – a team that anyone can join as long as they are able to scrimmage who can challenge other leagues’ B Teams. Make opportunities for yourself. And never give up. Never.

And when you get really good, become a coach. Lead by example. Include everyone. I guarantee you you’ll not only change your life but someone else’s as well.


DayGlo Divine said...
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Beyonslay said...

Really powerful post!

I am so sorry to hear about your shoulders. Think of how fierce you are going to be at next season's opener!

DayGlo Divine said...

Hey, sorry I posted, then took it down. Some things are best left for in-person conversation. ;)

girlon8wheels said...

Thank you for posting this!

It makes me really sad to know that there are leagues out there that exclude larger skaters. I honestly don't know how leagues can do something like that, especially when this is a sport that is supposed to be all-inclusive. If a skater passes her assessments and works well with her team, there's no excuse!

Hearing about situations like these makes me want to go out there and really use my large, fabulous ass ;)