Monday, September 15, 2008

Back in Skates – Yet Again

This season has been exceptionally strange, with my fist shoulder injury in May, recovery, a brief time where I was practicing (and 2 hours where I was able to scrimmage), and my second shoulder injury, which has lead up to now. You’ve seen a slew of posts like this one once already this year, so I apologize if I’m revisiting the same themes as then. Tonight will be my first night back at endurance practice since the second shoulder injury.

We had a bout on Saturday, and I brought my skates, so I could at least do a few laps. It felt great, and my team even let me do intro laps with them before I took off the wheels and helped bench coach.
I’m excited about tonight, but I’m also a bit nervous, because I know that once I’m back attending practices regularly, I’m going to want to scrimmage – something I cannot do until January. I’m going to need to keep reminding myself of this.

Practicing regularly after an injury is like having the devil whisper in your ear, “Look how good you’re doing. You’ll be fine if you don’t wait till January,” and the difficult thing is that I’m the only person keeping myself in check – I’m sure my league would allow me to start scrimmaging today if I wanted to, regardless of my relaying the January date to them. I’m responsible for myself, and that can be such a hard thing when your infatuation with skating gets in the way of all logic.

Truth be told, tonight’s going to be an easy night – it’s a skater tot practice where we’ll be going over basic skills. I suppose I could wait till Thursday to go back, but I just don’t want to, so I’ll offer up myself as the “example” to the tots who are learning how to stop and fall.

I can’t wait to get back on skates – only this time I need to think with my brain and not my derby penis.

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