Friday, September 12, 2008


A blocker and pivot for the Circle City Socialites in Indianapolis, Roxi Razorblade has been skating since January 2007 when she “fell in love with roller derby”.

Roxi admits, “In the beginning I was hoping to lose weight when I started skating, but I've actually gained because of muscle.” And who doesn’t love that? I know I’d rather be bigger with the muscle holding everything in where the good lord intends it to be than to be skinny with nothing but flab hanging off my bones – ick!

Aside from loving the sport, Roxi reveals that the comments other rollergirls have made about her booty have been well welcomed: “I love that I get compliments on the size of my ass, and not just from my boyfriend. Derby girl are actually jealous!” she says. “That has never happened in any other sport!”

“Derby has definitely helped my self esteem [and] I have more amazing girls in my life that also help it,” Says Roxi. “I feel great when I can win queen of the rink or give such a good hit that people take notice. Roller derby is a big confidence booster.”

But what’s the best think about being a big girl on 8 wheels? “A lot of small girls are instantly intimidated by you,” Roxi says. “They think I'll squish them, which I probably will if I have too.”

Ah, a girl who isn’t afraid to use her own brute force is a girl after my own heart – thank so much for submitting, Roxi!


Unknown said...

Hey Roxi has a dangerous Booty! I have been knocked out of bounds by her many times. The top picture is right before she knocks me out of bounds. Her Bicep is killer too!!!
Yowch! Whenever she hits I'm like damn that's Freakin effective. I love Roxi!!!!
-D'red Ruby #11 CCS

. said...

Roxi has the most ferocious booty that I've ever seen. I'm the luckiest derby medic in the world, because I get to take care of all of her parts...not just her booty ;)
-Lass Gasp #4mg CCS

Anonymous said...

aw, it's my darling Roxi! Thanks for featuring her, Cindy - her booty is definitely a force to be reckoned with!

Bunnie Low-Browski said...

This woman is SLAMtastic! I can't wait to feel her pound me out of bounds again soon! ::I derby love you Roxi!!::