Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Michael Phelps Lives Under My Dining Room Table

During the Olympics this summer it took me a while to realize that it was the entire nation that was captivated by Michael Phelps and not just his home town, which is my home town – Baltimore.

Four years ago I experienced similar Michael Phelps fever, propelled by local newscasters. His popularity culminated here in Charm City when he was busted in Ocean City (downy ocean) drunk driving – some might say he hit celebrity status the likes of Lindsay Lohan or Nick Nolte to Baltimorons that day. Then there was the most recent recent summer Olympics.

Today, however, Michael Phelps lives under my dining room table.

Several weeks ago I took my dog shopping at PetsMart for his birthday, and his picked out one of those signature PetsMart dogs – the long wiener-looking dog that comes in multiple colors. Well, that day Calvin selected a blue dog that must have been made special for the summer, because the dog had a gold metal around his neck.

It didn’t take long for the jokes to begin.

“Where’s Michael Phelps?”

“Go get Michael Phelps!”

“Where’d Michael Phelps go?”

“Michael Phelps is beating you” (I taunt Calvin by whacking him with his toys, which he gets a kick out of, just like Geech and his “beating fish”)!

My favorite, “You just bit Michael Phelps in the face!”

And the obvious, “What’s Michael Phelps’ signature move? The doggy paddle!”

I suspect the joke is starting to annoy J. Okay, I have a fairly good idea that the joke has been annoying J for about 2 weeks now, but do I care? No. Does Calvin care? No. Does Michael Phelps care? Well, if he does, he’s never mentioned it to me before. There is the occasional time when I step on him and he squeaks, but he recovers quickly. It’s that type of attitude that makes a gold medalist, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Geech looooooooves the beatin' fish!

We also got him one of those long dogs, but it's seriously longer than Calvin and he likes to hump it which really freaks me out.

Tami said...

I love it!! We got Ginger a pale pink one and it looks like a penis. So all of your comments instead of Micheal Phelps insert "penis" . "Get your penis", "Where's your penis?", and my favorite: "Awwww look Dave she is biting her penis".