Thursday, September 18, 2008

Real Belly

The Campaign for Real Booty has been quite an experience so far. The vast majority of the time I get great submissions from people – and those have been posted here. Occasionally, however, I get partial or incomplete submissions, and when I ask for more info, I never hear back from the person attached to the booty. One time that I know of, someone (using a man’s e-mail addy) sent me a fake submission that was designed humiliate someone – the person who e-mailed pretended to be the person in the pictures he attached, and included some pretty strange quotes designed to make the woman in the pictures look like an ass (no pun intended). Yes, the booty attracts the lovers and the haters alike, just like a real can.

Over the summer I had several rollergirls who are mothers ask me if they could submit their bellies. The thought behind this was if they got up the courage to post pictures of their sagging skin and stretch marks, they might just get over the fact that not having a “perfect” stomach bothers them. I’m all for it.

The Campaign for Real Booty is about not only accepting what you’ve got, but also about celebrating it. A big ass can say many things: I’m powerful, I’m strong, I love my body and its curves, I love myself. And a belly can say many things too: I’m a mother who cares enough about herself and her kids that I take the time to do something for myself (be it derby, yoga, or any other hobby that is hers alone).

So, I thought I’d use today to open up the submissions for bellies of all shapes and sizes. If you’re a mom who’s also a rollergirl, let us know how your participation in derby is good for your kids and family, let us know how and why you find the time to do it all AND derby, and let us know what you want other people to know about yourself.

I got nothing of substance in the cache for tomorrow so far, so unless I get a booty or belly submission tonight, I’m going to be telling you all about my rash.

“Does she really have a rash?!” you might think to yourself. Well, if you don’t want to find out, contribute a submission or encourage a friend to do so!


Cindy Lop-her


Flux Incapacitator said...

Can we nominate people? I think Frenzy Lohan has the most amazing booty! It's like a heat seeking missle on jammers! Take a look:

Anonymous said...

I can send a camera pic of my belly...which actually, disturbingly, looks pregnant. As far as I know, it's a food baby.