Friday, October 10, 2008

Go Team!

More than anything else (today) I hate standing on the sidelines. In derby, it pains me to be on the bench while my friends are out there skating. In fact, I get exponentially more nervous before a bout if I’m not playing, compared to when I am.

I recently watched a video of myself bench coaching my home team, Speed Regime. I knew I took the edge off by chewing gum as if I were competing for a “most hot dogs eaten in 5 minutes” gold medal, but what I didn’t realize is that I also open and close my hands repeatedly like a child waving “goodbye” at about the same speed that I chew the gum, all the while rocking back and forth.

I buy my underwear at K-Mart.

It’s hard not to cheer when you’re watching something you care about so deeply. At the start of the Charm City/Cincinnati game earlier today I was alone at turn 3, which was fine. It wasn’t the alone part that made me move – it was the Cincinnati fans who were ringing the cowbells they sell here in Madison that are perhaps more evil than the Steelers’ “terrible towels”. They’re so freaking loud that I couldn’t hear myself cheer. To make matters worse, when I turned around to see who had the bells and saw the women from Cincinnati, I had a flashback of the Cincinnati fans who almost started a fight with damn near everyone in the venue when their team was down (or was it Detroit?) at the first East Coast Extravaganza (ECE) in Philly. I couldn’t remember which fans I should have been scared of, so I moved to turn 1 just to be safe.

It was shortly after that when Baneanna gave me a yellow and black pom-pom to aid in my cheering for Charm City. I gladly accepted and quickly became a 5-year-old girl at a parade. My cheers went from bellowing howls, instructing our ladies to “get her” and telling them “you got it”, to nothing more than a meek and higher pitched “go team”, as I shook my pom-pom in the air, limp wristed at that.

Charm City came out swinging with a 14-point initial jam, and they were unrelentless. When they pulled ahead by a wide margin in the second half, I was finally able to relax and get back to the Cindy Lop-her cheering I’m use to. And then I had a thought: is it wrong that I’m here on the sidelines screaming in tongues for Charm City, when I’m suppose to be representing WFTDA as a neutral sponsorship manager?

I guess it’s not like anyone ever told me I had to be neutral, but I’m sensitive to that shit – I wouldn’t want to jeopardize a sponsorship because someone thinks that I’m an asshole. I thought on that for a bit and then I had a realization: it’s a fucking game. You’re suppose to cheer for one team or another, and if anyone can’t realize that nothing is wrong with me because I’m passionate about derby, then well, they can just go suck on the other end of what Greg from BestBuy’s been sucking on since Thursday night.

We’re playing Windy City tomorrow morning, and if we win, we’re going to Nationals. I think it’s safe to say that the ill-tempered Rain Man will be in attendance. If you see her, don’t try and take her pom-pom away!

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Big In Day-town said...

I'm on the opposite side - sad the Cincy girls lost, cuz my dear friend Hannah B jams for them and I know it was a big game! ;-)

You're absolutely right about "picking sides" for cheering - it's a game, you have your allegiance ... and that's a good thing.