Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bubbas Seafood Grill & Bar: IAH (Houston), Terminal C

I hate the Houston airport if for no other reason than that it has a really annoyingly large bronze statue of George Bush, Sr. in the middle of it. For one, I think it’s tacky to have a bronze made of someone who’s still alive (unless it’s pregnant Brittney Spears doggy-style on a carpet). For two (do people say “for two”?), anything that reminds me of Bush junior makes me want to start shooting, and that bronze statue only made me angry, wondering why George senior would have allowed himself to be kicked in the balls, only to have that one defective sperm fertilize an egg years later to produce the worst president in history. Fuck you and your gold statue, Bush. I need a beer.

Passing by Bubbas and seeing no room whatsoever, not even standing room, I walked with Rolling Blackout, a fellow Charm City girl also on her way to Nationals, who I saw as I boarded my previous flight. We kept walking, and I thought I was in the twilight zone – everything on the west side of terminal C was a mirror image of the east side from which we just came. We saw and went into bizarro Bubbas, because bizarro Bubbas was not crowded at all.

Bubbas. It’s a fairly nondescript place. Apparently it has good spicy seafood dishes, but again with my shellfish allergy, I could have cared less. I needed a beer after bronze Bush stared me down.

On tap were: Rolling Rock, Dos Equis, Linequegal’s Sunset Wheat, Sam Adams Boston Lager, Bud Light, and Shiner Bock. I got a “short” Liney’s Sunset Wheat (pint-glass sized: $6.15), and Rolling Blackout got a large one (big-ass size: $8.15).

We wound up talking to this guy from the south, who I assumed Rolling Blackout knew from work, because they recognized each other when we walked in and are both in the energy industry. After talking about energy and stocks and money and such things for which I am ill-prepared (retirement), we needed to board our next flight and parted ways with the dude, who turns out, Rolling Blackout had just met on the plane hours earlier.

The Liney’s didn’t do it for me – not a buzz was to be had from it, and I was slightly confused as to why they were still offering the Sunset Wheat, with it being a summer beer and present day being mid-November, but whatever.

I was feeling my oats, and as we passed the gilded Bush to get back on our plane, I decided I wanted my picture taken doing something lude to the ex-prez, like me grabbing his ass or bending him over. But just as I walked up to the statue and handed Blackout my phone to take a pic, a man jumped out of the security booth strategically placed next to the statue. I’m glad to see Texans’ money go to good use, employing two security staff to stand guard at all times, ensuring all pics taken with the bronze statue are respectful. Assholes. My respectable photo with Bush:

I might go back to Bubbas or I might not. I’d certainly try a new place if I’m ever in Houston again and can find one (and not two more bizarro Bubbas). Bubbas was nondescript. The prices were fair, I suppose, and the taps were clean, but the bartender was slow and it was too damn bright in there. If you can find another place in IAH, please do.

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DayGlo Divine said...

Heh, I totally forgot about that statue. I knew there was a reason why I got sick at IAH.