Thursday, November 20, 2008

Northwest Knockdown in the News?

Even though MavTV, the station that filmed the 2008 roller derby championships (Northwest Knockdown), won’t air the footage for a bit, they did live-stream what they were recording over the internet, and hundreds of folks logged on to watch live. “Hundreds” may not seem like a lot, but when you consider that here in Charm City a local bar, Bad Decisions, owned by a member of dangle derby, fed the live stream into all television sets and had a viewing party, the actual live video footprint extends much farther than the hundreds.

So, the question has been asked, why didn’t the local Portland newspaper, The Oregonian, cover the exact same event, the Northwest Knockdown, which was inside their own city? Well, they heard a mouthful from rollergirls and fans alike for this omission, and the paper has now posted a poll online to see if they should cover derby (Rose City Rollers) on their sports page.

It’s a no brainer, but please vote here to help Rose City gain coverage in their local sports section. Some of us take for granted our local media recognition, but not all leagues are that fortunate. So, vote! Oh, and you can leave a nasty comment too. Just kidding, leave a thoughtful, compelling argument that will leave them feeling like the asses they are for missing the boat on this one. You can only vote once (it recognizes you – “Hey, aren’t you that girl who does roller derby?”), so please pass the link on, and let’s make this a blowout poll.


Ruby Khan said...

Are there many (any?) leagues that you know of that get regular coverage in the sports section of their local media?

The Boston Derby Dames often talk about how getting coverage in the Globe's sports section is a goal, but the truth is that they don't regularly cover any amateur sports, so we'll probably have to be happy to be part of the weekend magazine and arts/culture coverage. Fortunately, we've mostly moved beyond the Derby 101 story with a "by day/by night" or "fishnets and tattoos" lead into something more robust, but it's still nothing like timely bout reporting.

I'd love to hear about leagues who have made the jump from quirky lifestyle story to regular sports story, and how they've been able to make that happen.

Anonymous said...

One girl left a very compelling reminder on the voting page recalling what it was like many years ago when the sport of snowboarding was just getting started. It was seen as an interesting little past time for rebels. Or if you were a girl, a way to hang out with your rebel boyfriend.
Now both men's and women's versions are olympic sports.
We just need to put in our time and show the world that it's not a fad. We know that, it'll just take the rest of the world a little time to come around.

MercyLess99 said...

By the way - total viewers from the livestream of Northwest Knockdown were over 40,000 for that weekend! -xxxoooMercy Less