Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Northwest Knockdown Pics - Behind the Scenes

Bout Production: Best banner-hanging ever.

Chipotle Swag-Bag Stuffing: Holy shit! Me and Chipotle? Who knew?!

Opening Ceremony: Complete with a light show and punk-rock marching band.

First Game Taunt: Texas taunting Carolina.

Friday Afterparty: Free with a party-bus wristband, Mickey Avalon at some bar whose name I can't remember. Seriously, a free show? Rose City rocks.

Bum Rush: Windy City beats Texas on Saturday.

Lost Voice: It happened to Goodie, it happened to all of us.

Final Jam: Beyonslay watches the final jam of New York's winning championship bout against Windy City.

Winning the Afterparty: Texas

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